Friday, January 19, 2007

Asus R2H with Vista Ultimate 2

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Anonymous said...

Time for you to post the install sequence that you went through!

Anonymous said...

sorry, what's bt remote? I googled it and I can't find what you are using to connect your r2h to the tv. I was considering vga to svid or vga to rca, but this bt remote looks pretty good. so... uh... what is it?


JKK said...

B, R2H was connected to tv with a audio/video cable.
R2H has a tv/audio-out port, so it's easy to connect to tv's compocite video and rca audio ports.
By bt remote, I think that my setup only needs a bt ( bluetooth ) wireless remote controller...
like the one on the bottom of this page:

Anonymous said...

Hello JKK,

As always your videos are quite amazing.

I just upgrade my R2H to Windows Vista, and installed Origami experience, pretty cool. I uninstall Splendid, Power4Gear and the Bluetooth asus aplication before upgrade to Windows Vista.

however my sound card is not working, how did you manage this issue?

The video is locked to 800x600 and I have to scroll the screen to see the tasbar, I try to change resolution by video properties and through the fast button on the right, none of them work, any advise? BTW i'm using the last version of the driver for Intel 910/915 v. (win2k_xp142550)

Thanks in advance for your help.


JKK said...

Hello Carlos,

I'm using for video..

and SoundMax for audio..

btw. I did a clean install to second partition.


Anonymous said...


well thank you for the advise, sound is working now. However I still have problems with Video.

I know that I can sound a pin in the ass, but is it possible that you can send me your video drivers?? I only found the latest version on the net, 6.14 (that seems to have compatibility issues), you are working with 6.13

One last question, how much take to boot your Asus R2H? mine take around 5 minutes, till the hard disk stop reading.

Kind regards,


Anonymous said...


I forgot to give you my email :D

sorry, it's jclopex (at)

Hope you can send it.

Thanks in advance.


Anonymous said...

hello jkk,

i just got an r2h and was wondering how to get the keyboard to slide in/out of the left side of the screen instead of having the one thats docked to the bottom of the screen.


Anonymous said...

Where did you find the 6.13 driver?

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