Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sharp NetWalker PC-Z1 unboxing and hands-on

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Some more first impressions:

- I'm not liking the keyboard at all.. key caps bend to all directions.

- touch screen got better by cleaning it fully ( there was traces of screen cover glue )

- after i calibrated the screen it is accurate and easy to use ( u need to turn it off and on to save the calibrations )

- I adjusted the font sizes bigger for easier use

- mouse is ok

- surfing with it is sometimes ok, sometimes too slow

- battery life seems good.. no real numbers yet but it could be about 7 hours on full use

I will test it more and will try to get flash and youtube working ( there should be a patch for that )

... soon we will have nice "Atom vs ARM" on UMPC battle..

Thanks again Conics for sending me it!

Get yours from
[ click video tab to see how to set it to English ]

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

C-motech to make Snap Dragon tablet, Mangrove

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Yep, more and more tablets coming..

Known specs on C-motech's tablet :

7 inch touchscreen
Qualcomm Snap Dragon
Wireles options ( wifi, 3G, wimax )
2 * USB
Micro SD
Headset port
Windows Mobile 6.5

Via [ translated ]

Monday, September 28, 2009

Meet Hanvon multitouch tablet

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No other specs yet, but we should get them soon..

Thanks Xavier!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Moorestown MID running Moblin 2.0 with Wind River UI

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... and as a side note: you wont be running moblin on current menlow devices... moorestown only.

Thanks Steve

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Meet Digicube Z8 UMPC ( aka MIDPhone-50 )

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My hands-on video from Computex

Specs released at Computex

So MIDPhone-50 is now Digicube Z8 MID...

We should get some good news about this one soon...

Jump to UberGizmo for full gallery

UPDATE: Steve got hands-on too.. pile of pictures on gallery

Meet Viliv S10 Blade. 10 inch convertible netbook.

UPDATED with video..

Click to see the video and pictures

10 inch 1366 x 768 touch screen
1.33Ghz or 2.0Ghz Atoms
32GB or 64GB SSD
3G options
SD card slot
Mic and headphone port
2 x USB + mini USB
VGA/composite/RGB out
10 hour battery life
Windows 7 Home Premium

"Thin as Blade"

Shipping at Q4 starting +$500

Video coming any second...

More soon at MIDMoves too

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Forget vegetablet! Microsoft Courier is cool!

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" Courier is a real device, and we've heard that it's in the "late prototype" stage of development. It's not a tablet, it's a booklet. The dual 7-inch (or so) screens are multitouch, and designed for writing, flicking and drawing with a stylus, in addition to fingers. "

This is looking good... now we need specs and reality check!

Jump to Giz to see the video too!

Intel opens Atom Dev Program, app store to follow

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"We want to fuel the growth of Intel Atom-based products designed for the mobile lifestyle," said Renee James, corporate vice president and general manager, Intel Software and Services Group. "The netbook has become one of the most popular consumer devices in the market today, but its true potential has been limited by applications that are not optimized for its mobility and smaller screen size. The Intel Atom Developer Program provides a great opportunity for developers to create useful and inventive applications that will unlock a netbook's potential while opening a new sales and distribution channel."

The program offers a streamlined and transparent process that will take the developer from application creation through testing and, finally, to the go-to-market stage. Intel is working with netbook original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and other partners to create application storefronts through which validated applications will be sold.

Atom Developer Program, Frequently Asked Questions

Press release

Intel releases Moblin 2.1 for Handhelds ( video )

Click to see the video

Thanks again Steve!

Monday, September 21, 2009

UMID mBook M2 at IDF ( now with video )

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Steve just showed us UMID's new UMPC called mBook M2.

It's upgrade from their earlier model M1, updates include:

- new housing

- normal USB plug ( no more dongles )

- VGA out

- optical mouse on screen frame

- 1.2Ghz and 1.6Ghz Atoms


- Windows 7

It has same keyboard and screen as on M1.

We should hear more soon...

Starting at $499 available next month..or 2

UPDATE: Starting at means $499 for 1.2Ghz CPU, 512MB, 8GB SSD, Win XP and no camera.

Thanks Steve!

mSATA SSDs for netbooks and UMPCs

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mSATA is now the new name for mini PCI-e SSDs according to SATA-IO

Yes, it is the same connector and form factor we have seen on Asus Eee PCs and Dell Minis, but now other manufactures will be supporting it too. The main size is 1.18 in. x 0.19 in. x 2 in. (30mm x 4.75mm x 50.95mm), which we have been calling 50mm pcie SSDs

They are naming the the "mini 1.8 inch drives" as Half-Slim drives on the same press release.

The Half-Slim SATA II modules have the same SATA connector used on 2.5-inch HDDs and SDDs, but the outside measurements are smaller: 1.18 in. x 0.19 in. x 2 in. (54mm x 4 mm x 39mm).

There should be pile of these SSDs at IDF, so we might get to see them a bit more as Steve and Sascha are there.

SATA-IO to Develop Specification for Mini Interface Connector

Via Engadget

Meet:Mobility Podcast 33

Welcome to listen Meet Mobility Podcast.
Join me, Steve and Sascha talking about mobile computing.

Continue reading...

Click to download [ mp3,1:07:05 ]

Show notes:

IFA overview.
Vaio X

Viliv S7.

Android Tablet.
229 8gb Cortex GPS optimised browser.
Flash 10 Q1 2010.

Mobinnova N910. between video consumption and web consumption.

$100 smartbooks.
The real story – Dual cortex A9.

New platforms, Windows 7
New devices for Christmas.
Moblin netbooks. When? Moblin in beta.

Meetmobility is an occasional podcast from UMPCPortal, and
If you'd like to sponsor the podcast and help us make a more regular event, please contact us.

Meet Mobility home page
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Thursday, September 17, 2009

xpPhone getting ready, taking pre-orders and soon at jkkmobile

Click to see the video and info

Hands-on at Computex

Yep, sliding qwerty MID / UMPC with phone capability getting ready and to jkkmobile. Will be fun to test x86 Windows XP UMPC as a phone...

As Jenn points out on her news, they are making it a bit "more thin and sharp" compared to the early prototype I tested.

If you want to make sure you get it among the first, just jump to their site and fill the Online Pre-order form.

As a reminder what we will be getting, here are the full specs:

*CPU: AMD Super Mobile CPU
* Memory:512M/1G
* SSD: 8G/16G/32G/64G
* HDD:30G/60G/80G/120G
* LCD: 4.8' TFT Touch-screen LCD 800*480
* Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP
* Wireless:WiFi 802.11b/g,WiMax(optional),Buletooth,Stand-alone GPS
* Camera Specifications:CMOS, 300k/1.3 Million
* Ports:1 x earphone jack,1 x microphone jack,Docking Connector
(include VGA output signal ),1 x USB 2.0, SIM Slot
* Power Management:
Battery: Removable Lithium-ion
Talk time: about 5 hours,Stand by time: about 5 days
Real life: about 7 hours(Standard), about 12 hours(Large)
Talk time,Standby time,Operation time may vary depending different usage.
* Weight: 400g (include battery)

No pricing details yet, shipping in next month or 2.

xpPhone official site

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sharp NetWalker vs UMID Mbook

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Both with 4.8 inch 1024 x 600 touch screen, around 160mm / 100mm / 20mm and 400g

Keyboard, screen angle and mouse all looking better on NetWalker..

I am getting the NetWalker soon from so then we can compare them even more...

.. and I just got confirmation that NetWalker has English language option too!

More at PC Watch [ translated ]

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Viliv S7 vs Asus Eee PC T91 on sunlight

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Yep, S7 is the clear winner here...

A bit more brightness would make it really good..

More comparing later today live at Convertible Touchscreen Shootout.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Unboxing Viliv S7

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Testing, playing and enjoying....

Don't forget the live session tomorrow!

Details, News and Links for Viliv S7

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Live Broadcast Tuesday, 15th Sept: Convertible Touchscreen Shootout.

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JKKMobile and UMPCPortal are pleased to announce a special live hands-on, demo and Q&A session next Tuesday, 15th of September. The Convertible Touchscreen Shootout!

Following the Archos event in Paris (1800 Paris time) we’ll be live to give you a hands-on overview and a chance to ask questions about the new Viliv S7 that is on it’s way here from Korea and to show you three other convertible touchscreen solutions.
The Asus Eee PC T91, the Kohjinsha SK3 and the Gigabyte Touchnote T1028M. Also on-hand will be the Fujitsu U2010/U820 (recently upgraded with a Runcore Pro IV SSD) and the Kohjinsha SC3. We’ll also be contacting owners to ask for their opinion on the devices and inviting them to join us in the live session so that you can get a well-balanced opinion on all of the devices.

The session will open from about 1900 GMT (8pm London, 9pm Berlin, 3pm New York. Check your local time here.) with live video from JKK and Chippy and the usual open chat session. We expect the session to last for about two hours. Join us in the usual place….

See you there! (Session will be recorded if you can’t make it.)

Eee PC modded for kitchen use

Click to see the video

More hacks and mods

Thanks Sidekickx81!