Sunday, August 17, 2008


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Anonymous said...

What does JKK stand for?

BTW, I enjoy visiting your site on a regular basis. I like your straight-forward approach to reviewing the goodies


JKK said...

Thanks Jim!

jkk comes from initials from my full name... but i mistyped the last one when i started to use it ;)

My real name is really hard to say/write for non finnish ppl.. and top secret ;)

Every one just calls me jkk on the net.

Anonymous said...

how do you afford all the UMPCs and such like, i watch all your vids on youtube and you must be LOADED :D]

btwm we brits LOVE YOU


JKK said...

Thanks xx!

I get many devices from OEMs and resellers for testing... I don't buy them all.

Unknown said...

Greetings from Canada! I was actually born in Helsinki, so I find it interesting that you are from Finland too. Just bought a Runcore SSD based on your review, I'll let you know how it works out. Question.. what video camera do you use? I notice some of your videos are in HD which is very nice. Any special wide angle lens?

JKK said...

I use Canon FS100 .. a modified one.

Lens is 0.5 Raynox HD 5050 Pro

Light is Switronix TorchLED TL-50

Main thing on the cam is that it records to mpeg2.. so I can easily edit my videos on my UMPCs and upload fast..

Anonymous said...

What are your thoughts on having a full forum here? That would be real nice to talk about UMPS's and such here. Well, this is kind of like a little forum.

Anonymous said...

Hi jjk
i wonder from where you are in Europe?

Anonymous said...

I love your work and I my self like messing around and modding my tech as well... I was wondering how does one get into that to make money XD? FYI In the states there are these new high schools called New tech high school witch I go to one, being what I said we watch your videos all the time in class because of me bringing it up, your welcome for the views on youtube jk, but we really like your work hope to see more on tablets .. :)
Philip D Nasi.
Bloomington IN.

P.S. you have saved me a ton of money looking fore my new netbook being that I work at a McDonald I don't make much so I am very thankful for the tips.

Anonymous said...

Dear JKK,

I really enjoyed your review of the Asus Eee PC 900. Keep up the good work! :)

- Bill from Hillsboro, Missouri, USA

DuckDuckGo said...

Thank you for providing awesome info on netbooks. This is one of the websites I check for the latest news.

ctvr said...

nach dem ich dein review über milestone gelesen habe, habe ich mich entschieden eins zu holen.. gute Review!

gruß aus Bärlin!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jkk,

You do great reviews and I follow almost all of them..I am not subscribed to your channel on yet but I intend to do so soon. You know what, you have a job 'To-Die-For', no honestly... I am gadget freak myself and I seriously thought that you had Aladin's lamp..

take care - K

Anonymous said...

Hi Jkk,

A little query - My region is not having 3G yet and I am using a GSM SIM based GPRS/EDGE connection for mobile internet. If I buy a device like a Viliv X70 Premium 3G device then will it be backward compatible to caliberate its modem's settings to a GPRS/Edge connection ?
Please share your opinion on this since buying tht device without the in-built HSPA modem will bring a major difference in the cost as well...


Anonymous said...

How did you get started with mobile electronics? What was your first hacked device?

JKK said...

I used to work on r&d on a company making parts for mobile devices..

.. first really good and usefull hack might have been a thinkpad I had.. modded cell phone ( 8210 ) inside it to get gprs connectivity. Been opening/modding stuff since I was small kid.

Anonymous said...

Hello JKK,

I just fetched a Viewpad 7 and so far I like it a lot,funny is that on the back it says "Viewpad 7 Large Screen Smart Phone".

Keep up the good work.

MVV ;) from The Netherlands

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