Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hands-on video of Fujitsu Amilo Mini netbook at IFA

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Thanks Sascha

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Anonymous said...

that expresscard slot is really interesting.

the pad area seems similar to the acer...

i just wonder, has there been any news at all about a linux version?

Anonymous said...

they seemed to have taken all the worst features from each netbook & combined them into 1.

bezel is way to large

KB doesnt stretch to the edges, looks to be sporting a 7" EEE 700 KB

looks even beefier & thicker in the video

small battery

if this is true - terrible & i mean absolutely TERRIBLE decision going with the 1.8" HDD

i expected way better than this from a company as respected as Fujitsu in the ultraportable world.

mtotho said...

@previous anonymous

Keyboards from 700 series are same as 900/901.. but yes they could have gone bigger.

Also, 1.8" hard drives are much better than slow crappy 8gb MLC found in the some other devices.. and they are very durable and fast. High capacity and cheap.

But the rest is true.

Anonymous said...

"they are very durable and fast. High capacity and cheap."

fast, cheap, high cap? have you ever even used a laptop with a 1.8" HDD (usually found in highend Sony/Fujitsu ultraportables)?

2.5" HDD's are significantly faster, much cheaper, and much much higher cap. this device is plenty big enough to support 1, even smaller laptops than this have them.

mtotho said...

@ anonymous

I have a 1.8" drive in my eee 901. Although it runs faster over usb channel, it is significantly faster than the ssd on just a normal zif pata channel. 40mb/s read and write..

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