Sunday, August 03, 2008

Fujitsu U2010, convertible UMPC, gets it's first hands-ons

610g convertible UMPC with 1280 x 800 touch screen...

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Joe has been testing it out and it seems to be a really nice mini UMPC.

He highlights the best points:

" Keyboard of U2010 has a great improvement compared to U1010. There is six-row 68 keys keyboard and is much better than the five-row 56 keys U1010. The best improvements are the "Tab", "Delete" and right "Shift" keys are back which I like the most!

Screen resolution is upgraded from 1024 x 600 in U1010 to 1280 x 800 in U2010. It is not just the resolution, the viewing angles also greatly improved!

The battery life is really strong!! 2-cell Li-ion 7.2V 2900mAh could give me ~3 hours WiFi surfing!
And I have run a video playback test with brightness set to the highest and WiFi on (connected to router), the battery life is ~3 hours. "

So maybe 6 to 7 hour device with it's bigger 4 cell battery..

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Anonymous said...

Please fix the title, it's supposed to be "its" as in the possessive of "it", not contraction of "it is". He, his / it, its, etc.

It seems like there are several subnotebooks today with that same keyboard; all the Eee models except the 1000, the Gigabyte M912 and this - anything else I'm forgetting? The manufacturer seems to have made some good deals. :)

Anonymous said...

Oops, that last part was supposed to go to

Anonymous said...

What does it matter if there's a only one typo in the article? It's clear what it really means

Anonymous said...

"Please fix the title"....get off of Jkk's back! You don't need to be an English major to apprecitate Jkk's contributions to the subject matter.

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