Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More details about Everun Note UMPC

This is getting better and better..

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LAN / battery adapter

Eee PC 901 with Everun Note

Raon sent Steve new info about the Everun Note, which is looking to be the most powerfull UMPC to date. Check the performance tests from UMPCPortal..

What I found really interesting it the LAN / battery charger adapter. It seems to charge the battery without the device and lets you also use it as a external battery... I wish more OEMs would have external charging solutions.

From the last pic we can also see that accessing HDD and 3G modem slot is easy and that the battery is pretty small..

Price is rumored to be around $800..

Check more from UMPCPortal

Details, News and Links for Everun Note

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Anonymous said...

looking into a "slightly" more powerful toy then your current collection of eeepc's? ;)

JKK said...

.. i don't know if i need more power.

.. but it doesn't hurt.

Travis said...

Is the battery external to the Note or is the LAN/Battery Adapter acting as an extra battery?

JKK said...

You can use the same battery on the Everun inside the external charger...

so LAN/Battery Adapter acting as charger, you need 2 batteries to charge one and use one..

Anonymous said...

What about a touch mod for this !!

GeoffreyM said...

Already has a touchscreen.

JKK said...

yep, no need for touch mod as it has it...

Jelleman said...

It's not the Eee 901 but a 1000H on the photo next to the Everun Note. It's not that small :)

JKK said...

nope.. it's 900..

.. check the enter key and up arrow... 1000h has empty place between up and ?

JKK said...


Anonymous said...

$800 + $90 charger + $130 extra battery + $60 for a 3G enabled version.

Anonymous said...

@britman. Thanks if your telling us the price, but if you are trying to say how expensive it is... then dont get the 90+130$, nothing else comes with the extra battery and an extra special charger for free.

I think 3g enabled should be a cheaper option, but its useful to disable it if u dont have that service

it is more $ than most common netbooks now, but look at the 1.2ghz dual intel netbooks that are 9,10, 11" screen, they start at $2000 (not saying that the amd performance equals the Intel)

Anonymous said...

Anyone know anything about ATI RS690E, as mentioned in this toy's spec? Even AMD's website doesn't offer much details about it...

Plus, some website says it's 64mb, others mention 128mb... I just feel something's not right here..

Anonymous said...

AMD Turion 64x2 Dual Core 1.2GHz, 1MB L2 Cache


Display (Internal)
1024 x 600

802.11b/g WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR

External Ports

2.5 Hours

Operating System
Window XP Home

ATI RS690E +64MB DDR2 Side port Memory, Full DirectX 9.0 support

60GB 1.8 inch HDD/UDMA100

Display (External)
1920 x 1200

Integrated Ports
2xUSB host, 1 x USB mini, 1x mini PCIExpress Slot, USIM card slot

ALC262 HD Audio
Camera: 1.3M pixel CMOS

Physical Features
7.87 x 4.65 x 1.08 inches

JKK said...

mtotho, details are on the link at the end of the post..

we keep all details of all devices at one place.. so we don't need to post them every time.

Anonymous said...

Sorry JKK. I have a question.. with all these devices with 3g broadband.. are these broadband devices installed via mini pci express? if so, do you think it would be possible to replace it with other mini pci device? specifically my verizon broadband modem?

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