Saturday, August 30, 2008

Meet Pioneer DreamBook Light IL3 netbook

New day, new netbook..

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Australian netbook... With 8.9 inch screen and Atom.

Keyboard looks like the ones on Eee PC 700/900..

225mm x 170mm x 36mm, under 1000g

4cell Li-Ion battery (over 4h) and 6cell Li-Ion extended battery (over 6h)

Looks ok to me..

Thanks UMPCFever

Pioneer Computers Australia

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Unknown said...

Wow, under 1000g. That's pretty attractive. And they managed that with a HDD? Though the lack of SSD completely turns me off.

Anonymous said...

even Pioneer has 1 now?!?!

i didnt even know they made PC's

Anonymous said...

with an 8.9" screen & a bezel that slim

this is a very small machine.

Anonymous said...

This is an Australian firm, not the one that makes AV products.

Anonymous said...

Why do they all have to use the Atom??? There are so many limitations when they use the Atom; No digital video out, maximum 10" screen, no touchscreen...

Give me some choices!


Anonymous said...

AMD is releasing its Atom-smasher soon... and the VIA Nano might be a good one too.

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