Tuesday, August 19, 2008

OQO 02 spotted with Intel Atom cpu

No love for VIA anymore?

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Yep, Steve saw it at Intel IDF event..

.. hoping for touch, SSD and 3G, but it looks 100% the same as older ones so maybe we will have to wait for OQO 03 or 04 to get touch screen..

More info soon..

Thanks Steve

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mtotho said...

yea i dont like the active digitizer.. and i wouldnt mind it being 1000$ less than the current oqo model 2.

Anonymous said...

It's worth every penny... it's magic.. but I would definitely trade in my 02 for an 03 with an atom and a touch screen.

Anonymous said...

OQO's CEO confirmed this is a prototype and posted about the IDF here:


mtotho said...

I drooled over the capabilities, features, size, and evdo capabilities of the oqo model 2.. but the price deterred me. Dont get me wrong, i would have bought it if i had the money...

Hopefully atom saves more battery and makes it last longer than the via did.

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