Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Asus R50A, BenQ S6 and Gigabyte M528 tested by end user

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Oh yes, there was some text too.. Hit the CNET link to check ..

Read the full article at CNET Taiwan [ translated ]

Compare the specs of these 3

Details, News and Links for Asus R50A

Details, News and Links for BenG MID

Details, News and Links for Gigabyte M528

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Unknown said...

Good looking.
The devices aint bad either.


Anonymous said...

nice one there chippy :P

that benq is interesting, even if it does not have a keyboard...

Valto said...

Darn! She can test my eeep... anytime. Oh well - back to RSS's

Valto said...

PS. your comment add-on dont work that nice with iPhone, it keeps popping on each key stroke :(

Anonymous said...

I get the whole 'booth babe' thing, but why is she in her underwear in the 4th pic? Not that I'm complaining or anything..

Anonymous said...

i am sure that windows could be installed nicely on that gigabyte, but it would be a bit funny without a mouse. Hopefully the 4gb flash is upgradeable (oem or not)

JKK said...

mtotho, there is a girl on the pix... no upgrade needed..

Anonymous said...

"mtotho, there is a girl on the pix... no upgrade needed.."

haha, ur killing me jkk

Anonymous said...

Where is the on button?

Anonymous said...

"where is the on button?"

Apparently the half naked models know how to turn them on :)

Anonymous said...

Seriously - Ya gotta have a raised button somewhere that you can find with your fingers in order to turn on the device when fumbling around in the dark... of course having lit up keyboard is then helpful to find your way around when there is no light too.

Which of these devices has lit keyboards? I wonder what Netbooks have lit up keyboards?

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