Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Video preview of Villiv S7 MID from IDF

Nice mini convertible .. touch screen, Atom..

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7 inch 1024 x 600 touch screen
Intel Centrino Atom
30/60GB HDD
Wifi, Bt
Optional 3g HSDPA Wimax and GPS
9 hour battery life ! ??
228mm x 145mm x 25mm 830g

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Anonymous said...

Very, very nice specs. If the video playback is properly hardware accelerated I might even believe the 9 hours battery life figure. Not that great on the looks department but who cares if everything else is that good?

I'd personally take a smaller reliable SSD over a big HDD though, unless they can convince me the disk really won't mind some bumping around.

mtotho said...

you can always replace the hdd with a ssd.. although these 1.8" hdd (i assume thats what it is) are very durable.. they are uses in ipods..

Anonymous said...

oooh, 800 grams...that's ebook territory if they put a good screen on it =]

If only it had an active rather than a passive digitizer, I would be completely sold....

Anonymous said...

That sounds good! Although 7" with 1024x600px is pretty crammed. Unfortunately there's no information on the price. Small and compact, touch screen and other good specs - sounds expensive.

Anonymous said...

hmmmm £500+

Anonymous said...

It´s real?
What´s max RAM?
SSD as option?
Any idea of Price?

Anonymous said...

letter "P" is missing from the keyboard... is that intended or a bad joke!?

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing they won't have the production capacity to meet the demand this thing would face if it was less than 600 Euros.

I'm guessing they'll probably start it at a high price and then lower it as they go along if it isn't consistently sold out.

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