Thursday, August 28, 2008

T-Mobile to sell Asus Eee PC 901 GO with internal 3G

Eee PC 901 GO!

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[ translated with Google ]

" In addition to expanding the services T-Mobile for mobile devices and laptops, the Mobile Broadband offer. ASUS cooperates with T-Mobile in the marketing of the Eee PC, the pioneer of Netbooks.

News highlight is the 901 Eee PC GO with integrated mobile broadband technology, specifically adapted to the T-Mobile network adapted. Quick starts the second customer after the device with the jointly developed "ASUS Connection Manager" the mobile Internet and can take up to five hours mobile surfing - no long wait at boot time, no annoying install additional software or even setting up routers is required. Important software for the Internet and working with documents on the 1.1 kilogram light machine already preinstalled. "

So 3G version of Eee 901 is coming soon...

We got evidence about it long time ago, but now it should be here soon..

Details, News and Links for Asus Eee PC 901

T-Mobile Press Release [ translated ]

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Anonymous said...

I wonder when the 3G 901 will come to the UK. Hopefully there will be a Vodafone option - its 3G service is much better than T-Mobile's here...

Anonymous said...

i hope it is possible to retrofit the 3g in the 901.

Travis said...

T Mobile in US also?

Anonymous said...

T-Mobile is a freaking joke... they claim that they own the magenta color, and they sue any company that tries to use it. (including finnish mobile operator DNA and many others) sarcasm:

Pelle said...

I'm trying to tell my product responsible for Telia Sweden to take the 901 in stock, and now when the 901 will sell with integrated 3g it's getting REALLY interesting! :D

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