Monday, August 04, 2008

Fujitsu LifeBook U820, convertible UMPC, hits FCC

U2010 will be sold as U820 is US... and pretty soon as it's on FCC now.

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Test reports and manual are up, naked pix are not yet..

The only new info I could found is that it has FM transmitter!

"Inside your mobile computer there is an FM transmitter that allows you to play MP3 songs from your computer on an FM radio or trough your car radio speakers"

.. and it will be available with Vista and XP Tablet.

It's looking better every day!

Thanks FCC

Details, News and Links for U820

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Anonymous said...

FM Transmitter is a nice gimmick. If there would be a Linux OS alternative it would be nice. But i think there isn't any chance to get Linux on this with all hardware modules working isnt it?

Anonymous said...

Nice to try...Where to buy in USA and price ???

Anonymous said...

Nice unit but poor specification on HSDPA G3 and GPS. Also when will it be available, price and where to buy..... Seems that this happens with every new items.

Unknown said...

Does the Final U820 have the FM transmitter? I can't see where it does but might be one of them poorly documented features. I think they nixed it to make room for GPS but was just wondering.

Anonymous said...

Recently I have installed win 7 on my fujitsu u2010, but i can't get Fm Transmitter works. Is anyone can help me with that plz?

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