Saturday, February 28, 2009

Meet Mobility Podcast No. 25

Welcome to listen Meet Mobility Podcast no. 25.
Join me, Steve and Sascha talking about mobile computing.

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On the podcast:

Sascha is back from Taiwan
CeBit starts on Monday.. we will be there
Devices we want to test at CeBit
What's on our gear bags.

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Cool UMPC marketing video

Click to see the video

The device it self is a windows ce based el cheapo but the video is fun!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Dell Mini 10 dissected

Click here to see more

Take the keyboard out to see the HDD and wireless cards..

2.5 inch sata HDD

Optional TV tuner..

Atom cpu and RAM on separate board, RAM is soldered so no upgrading...

The 3 pci-e slots provide some options for easy hacking, but the soldered RAM might be deal braker for some...

Thanks Dell for the pictures!

Jump to Dell support to see them all

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Thanks MyDellMini

Via Liliputing

Thursday, February 26, 2009

HP Mini " modded " by girls.

We guys were just thinking how sucky the cam is..

UPDATED with my video ( the original is gone ?? )

Click to see the video

Via GottaBeMobile

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Original post at Gear Diary

Nokia to make netbooks? Check the original interview video

Click to see the video


What did Kallasvuo say? Same as any non vegetable would ( vege = secret jkk humor )

Nokia has been telling us that their smart phones are actually multimedia computers... all ready.

They have been telling that those computers need to fit inside our pockets..

..and they vision and hopes are that we will someday use our mobile phones as our main computers by just connecting keyboard and screen to it when needed.

So would they really make a notebook / netbook? Nope.

Nokia considering entering laptop industry

A-plus, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo interview

Gigabyte M1022 netbook has a cool dock

Click here to see more

Do you use your netbook with external monitor?

More pictures of the other models too..

Via Engadget

UMID mbook M1 unboxed and previewed

Click here to see more

Hmm.. I don't know what to say about those dongles and headset port...

Check the rest at Lazion [ translated ]

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Viliv S5 unboxed and previewed

6 pages of S5 goodnes...

Click here to see more

Joe just got his S5 and he is allready sharing it with 6 pages and 3 videos! Here is the video showing the onscreen keyboard.

He has the premium model with these specs:

- Intel’s 1.33GHz Atom Z520 processor
- 60Gb hard-drives
- hardware 1080p HD video acceleration
- 4.8 inches 1024 x 600
- 22.9wh battery (~4 hours WIFI on)
- Windows XP Home

It looks like Viliv has the winner on their hands as the early sales are looking super! I'm really waiting to see her in CeBit..

Jump to UMPCFever to see the preview

Jump to unboxing

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

CeBit is next week.. testing the weapons to bring it to you too

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I have been testing my new video cam and upload settings..

It looks like I will be using the setting I have on this video. These settings will allow us to upload videos fast with 3G but still keep the quality good.

You can choose between normal quality and higher quality from the embedded player.. Looks ok to you?

My weapons:

Canon FS100 Camcorder

Canon Digital IXUS i Zoom

Asus Eee PC 900A with 8700mAh battery, 3G, fast RunCore SSD and touch

Aigo P8860 with XPe, 3G and double capacity battery

I will be joining forces with Steve from UMPCPortal and Sascha from NetbookNews like last year bringing the best of mobile computing from CeBit to you.

...and it will be fun!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Asus Eee PC T91 proto gets more hands-on

Click to see the video

3G gooood! ... non removable battery? Hope it's a prototype thing. I would hate that..

Thanks to

Details, News and Links for Asus Eee PC T91

Via Netbooknews

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Haier shows new MID and netbook at MWC

Click here to see more

No info an specs yet...

That netbook looks very thin.. MID seems to have ok keyboard but the screen frame looks kinda big..

Thanks Engadget

Resistive touch gets multitouch; Stantum demos it on video

Click to see the video

Wow! Not only multitouch but also high accuracy and pressure sensitivity!

Me wants!

Thanks Engadget!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Asus Eee PC T91: first hands-on with the new UI

Click here see the video

Thanks Sascha!

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Meet Gigabyte M1028, convertible netbook

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Gigabyte has updated their convertible touchscreen netbook to 10 inches. Bigger screen makes the body and the keyboard bigger too... On their Cebit preview video the call it TouchNote.

M1028 specs:

10 inch 1024 x600 touch screen
Intel Atom N270 with 1GB RAM
160GB HD
b/g/n Wifi
3G option
SD card slot
ExpressCard slot
VGA out
3 x USB
1.3Mpix webcam
XP Home

ITMobility spotted it at MWC so thank them for live pictures.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Samsung SWD-M100 MID appears at last.. but..

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It's a Windows Mobile based device?!?! So using ARM cpu?!?

4.3 inch touchscreen
Wimax, Wifi and Bluetooth
Dual cams ( 3M + 0.3M pixels )
Micro SD
TV out
Windows Mobile 6.1 with Opera web browser

Grrr.. Samsung was one of the hopes for great MID but this is not the one I wanted to see... How hard can it be?!

Thanks Ubergizmo

Monday, February 16, 2009

Kohjinsha SC3 prices dropping

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1.33Ghz Atom, 1GB ( up to 2GB ) of RAM, Touchscreen, ExpressCard, SD, GPS, Bluetooth and Wifi on 189mm x 155mm x 25.4-33mm / 820g convertible...

For $588 / 455 euros

Not the fastest one, but fine with XP.. you can get netbooks cheaper, but this one is even smaller than the original Eee PC 701...

Details, News and Links for Kohjinsha SC3

LG to make a MID. This time for sure?

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Last time we heard LG was about to ship their MID "in the second half" ... of 2008.

It never got out but this time they are making a bit more noise and official press releases...


" LG Electronics (LG) and Intel Corporation today announced collaboration around mobile Internet devices (MIDs) based on Intel’s next-generation MID hardware platform, codenamed “Moorestown,” and Linux-based Moblin v2.0 software platform. The LG device is expected to be one of the first Moorestown designs to market."


" In order to offer a variety of network connections and Internet access, LG is also working with Ericsson to bring 3G network capability to its planned MID."


" LG Electronics (LG), a worldwide technology and design leader in mobile communications, announced today that it will demonstrate the first data card based on 3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology standards during the GSMA Mobile World Congress 2009.

LG will display its versatility with its data card solution by connecting three data cards to 3 different devices. These devices include a laptop, a netbook and a prototype mobile internet device (MID). "

.... So LG is making a state of art LTE modem, demoing it on a MID but allready saying they will use Ericsson 3G modem on a device they will possible release in 2010-11 ?!?!

With the Ericsson 3G modem this device doesn't look voice enabled to me even Intel is saying: " This software ( Moblin v2.0 ) is designed specifically to deliver a great PC-like Internet experience while also supporting cell phone voice capabilities. " we will see...

Btw. It looks pretty sure we can forget " the other " MID now...

LG press release

UPEK wants you to have fingerprint scanner on your netbook and MID

Click here to see more

UPEK’s Fingerprint Authentication Solutions for netbooks and MIDs feature the latest generation TouchStrip® TCS5 Fingerprint Sensor optimized for compact, low-cost, low-power devices.

"As users of netbooks and MIDs take advantage of cloud computing applications and online storage of personal files, they are burdened by a growing number of different passwords to access their web accounts. To alleviate the pain of trying to remember these passwords, Fingerprint Suite Starter remembers and replays these numerous passwords with the simple swipe of a finger."

Fingerprint Suite Starter will be available starting in March 2009 with support for Windows® XP and planned support for Windows 7 Starter edition. In addition, Fingerprint Suite support for Linux will be available in the second half of 2009.

I like fp scanners and use them myself on my desktop and laptop... but it needs to be cheap to get into netbooks and and MIDs.

Would you need one?

UPEK press release

Gigabyte M912, convertible netbook, gets the needed 6 cell battery

Click here to see more

Thanks Igor for the pictures!

Get yours from MobilX for 60 euros

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