Tuesday, February 24, 2009

CeBit is next week.. testing the weapons to bring it to you too

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I have been testing my new video cam and upload settings..

It looks like I will be using the setting I have on this video. These settings will allow us to upload videos fast with 3G but still keep the quality good.

You can choose between normal quality and higher quality from the embedded player.. Looks ok to you?

My weapons:

Canon FS100 Camcorder

Canon Digital IXUS i Zoom

Asus Eee PC 900A with 8700mAh battery, 3G, fast RunCore SSD and touch

Aigo P8860 with XPe, 3G and double capacity battery

I will be joining forces with Steve from UMPCPortal and Sascha from NetbookNews like last year bringing the best of mobile computing from CeBit to you.

...and it will be fun!

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Anonymous said...

Top video looks great jkk, sound is good too!

Anonymous said...

JKK should have his own booth to show off the modded AIGO

Saperalot said...

good video looks very good, hope to see much videos from you at the cebit. thanks

Anonymous said...

can't wait to hit the showfloor as the "3 mobileteers" again with you guys. It's been a while

Unknown said...

That's awesome, dude! Wish something like CeBit would happen here in Vienna.

Anonymous said...

looks good!

szlevi said...

Why are you guys hooked on this craptastic Youtube video sharing, may I ask?
There's Motionbox, the best quality online HD video site as of today (slightly ahead of Vimeo HD in quality, well ahead of it in price/features): ~$30/YEAR gives you *UNLIMITED* storage and bandwidth, you can use all kind of formats when uploading including native AVCHD (most new HDD/flash memory-based cams), fullscreen, HD embedding and you can even keep your ORIGINAL files up there as well... just an idea, you might want to give it a try. :)

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to see the great JKK "live" :)

Anonymous said...

i'd say: a nice neat package for the mobile jedi

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