Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nokia to make netbooks? Check the original interview video

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What did Kallasvuo say? Same as any non vegetable would ( vege = secret jkk humor )

Nokia has been telling us that their smart phones are actually multimedia computers... all ready.

They have been telling that those computers need to fit inside our pockets..

..and they vision and hopes are that we will someday use our mobile phones as our main computers by just connecting keyboard and screen to it when needed.

So would they really make a notebook / netbook? Nope.

Nokia considering entering laptop industry

A-plus, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo interview

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Anonymous said...

Hey JKK, perhaps you haven't heard:

Nokia's already looking for potential netbook making partners (OEMs) in Taiwan as of this time's writing:

Saperalot said...

I think they will, look at the 9300 and follows known as "brick" or "commis". I have a 9300i and i like them. I think they will make one, hope to see one soon will be fun to see what they can do. And hopefully not so much problems as with the 9300 ;-)

Raj said...

If Asus can make mobile why can't Nokia make notebooks?

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