Monday, February 16, 2009

UPEK wants you to have fingerprint scanner on your netbook and MID

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UPEK’s Fingerprint Authentication Solutions for netbooks and MIDs feature the latest generation TouchStrip® TCS5 Fingerprint Sensor optimized for compact, low-cost, low-power devices.

"As users of netbooks and MIDs take advantage of cloud computing applications and online storage of personal files, they are burdened by a growing number of different passwords to access their web accounts. To alleviate the pain of trying to remember these passwords, Fingerprint Suite Starter remembers and replays these numerous passwords with the simple swipe of a finger."

Fingerprint Suite Starter will be available starting in March 2009 with support for Windows® XP and planned support for Windows 7 Starter edition. In addition, Fingerprint Suite support for Linux will be available in the second half of 2009.

I like fp scanners and use them myself on my desktop and laptop... but it needs to be cheap to get into netbooks and and MIDs.

Would you need one?

UPEK press release

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Saperalot said...

yes would be great to have one in my next netbook i use two of them on my desktop computers and i like them

Josh said...

It's just not fair. I ordered my EEE PC 901 last week and its supposed to be here any minute. And now there is the EEE PC 1000HE with 9.5 hour battery life. I don't want a normal hard drive in my computer. It spins at thousands of RPM's every second that your computer is on. SSD, they don't spin at all. If they would make a EEE PC 901E that would be awesome. I want a small netbook. I think the best looking netbook is the HP Mini 1000. But there were a few things I could not stand about it. So I traded for an EEE PC 1000H. The glare, the screen doesn't bend back very far, and the freaking BATTERY LIFE SUCKED! So I got rid of the mini. I didn't like the fact that the 1000H had a actual hard drive and I wanted something smaller. So now I am sitting my the door Playing Gears of War 2 until my 901 comes....

Anonymous said...

Now I bought a biometrics scanner with the intention of modding it into my NC10. It's a good idea to have something like this, if your netbook is nicked you could be screwed.

szlevi said...

They should start selling it as an add-on: e.g. ExpressCard unit, you plug it in, scan you fingers then you can put it away (back to its case on your keychain :)) until you have to log in again (you can leave it if you want in but that's not for netbooks on the go, of course! :))

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