Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gigabyte M1022 netbook has a cool dock

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Do you use your netbook with external monitor?

More pictures of the other models too..

Via Engadget

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Anonymous said...

This 10.1" 1366x768 screen sounds good... it´s time for higher Resolution on netbooks

Unknown said...

erm... haha, i actually do use my netbook with ext monitor like during at home but not when outside of course

Anonymous said...

There should be more products like this.

Saperalot said...

Oh yes please more netbooks with dockingstation it a good idea, and looks good too ;-)

I dont use mine so often with external monitor but sometimes and with docking station more times ;-)

Pierre said...

I use a docking station with my U820, but that's since 5.6" is really too small to use at home without having to go to a doctor, especially with that resolution.

And the only thing I really could complain on when it comes to netbooks is the resolution.. so 10.1" 1366x768 sounds perfect to me.

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