Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fujitsu LifeBook P1630 hits FCC

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Hmm.. Nothing that major compared to earlier models..


8.9 inch 1280 x 768 touch screen
Intel Core2 Duo SU9400 1.4Ghz
Intel GMA X4500
Up to 2GB RAM
Wifi, Bt and LAN
Fingerprint reader
PCMCIA, SD, VGA out and 2 x USB
232mm x 167mm x 37mm, 1000g

Manual and test reports available..

Thanks FCC

How to: Add touch panel to Acer Aspire One

More good stuff for Aspire One

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Yep, you need to have the touch panel, the controller ( same 8,9 inch as you can buy for Eee PC 900/901 ) and soldering skills.

USB lines are taken from the PCI-E connector and 5V from the mainboard ( not powered on stand by )

Check Lufcfans excellent guide

How to: Add touch panel to MSI Wind U100

Goodies for MSI Wind!

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Just like on Eee PCs, you need to have the touch panel, the controller ( I have no idea where he got it ) and soldering skills.

USB lines are taken from the PCI-E connector and 5V from external USB port ( powered on stand by? )

Thanks, Kdotnogi and thanks Mike!

Toshiba's Dual touch screen mini MID consept looking goood!

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This consept is is for editing content on the SD cards, but it can do web browsing, email and videos too..

Dual 3.5 inch touch screens
116mm x 72mm x 20.4mm

WOW! this would be really goood MID!

Needs 4.8 inch screens and higher resolution but the design looks really good.. I might swap the second screen for keyboard thou..

Thanks Engadget

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hands-on video of Fujitsu Amilo Mini netbook at IFA

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Thanks Sascha

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Meet Pioneer DreamBook Light IL3 netbook

New day, new netbook..

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Australian netbook... With 8.9 inch screen and Atom.

Keyboard looks like the ones on Eee PC 700/900..

225mm x 170mm x 36mm, under 1000g

4cell Li-Ion battery (over 4h) and 6cell Li-Ion extended battery (over 6h)

Looks ok to me..

Thanks UMPCFever

Pioneer Computers Australia

Friday, August 29, 2008

Make the perfect netbook.. from other netbooks.

There is no perfect netbook.. but lets try to make it.

Continue reading..


As all these small computers have good and bad features, we need to use the good parts of each to get the perfect Netbook.

This is my take. If you want to share yours, comment here or link to your blog post about Your Perfect Netbook.

You can only use features or parts from real netbooks..

My Perfect Netbook:

I like it small. The original Eee PC 700 was perfect for mobility. But the screen needs to be bigger. I want 8.9 inches, but not a glossy one. I would love touch screen but as there is no netbook with touch yet, i can't have it..

UPDATE: as Gigabity M912 seems to qualify as netbook, I can have touch screen ;)

The mouse pad needs to be bigger and better too. I want the one on Eee 900, with multitouch. I think it's the best mouse pad ever. But the mouse buttons need to be lighter. I don't know which one has the lightest.. I want the lightes ones. Eee 700/900 keyboard would do fine for me.

Then the looks.. I want it to look a bit more stylish. I want Acer Aspire One's looks. Looking like the Acer but sized as the Eee 700. But all black on black. And I want the speakers on screen frame like on Acer.

Another part I want from Acer is the 3G card slot. But with the 3G card of course! from LG as it has GPS too. I would take the bluetooth from Amilo Mini.
I want more accessible slots too. Just like on Eee 901. I want to be able to upgrade stuff easily.

I have to go with SSD. I have broken too many HDDs on my mobile computers. The biggest and fastest righ now is on Eee 1000 .. it's 8GB. It's ok for my needs. XP fits fine.. yep, I would take XP Home as XP pro is not available on any netbook.

CPU. We have Atom, Celly and VIA C7.. I want Atom. And I want it with the Asus over and under clocking software.. with the button. Yeah buttons! I want button/swich like on HP 2133 to enable/disable wireless. Wifi card would be from 901 as it's b/g/n.

I want the webcam and mics ( dual array ) from 901.. or maybe webcam from Amilo Mini as it has auto focus.

I need good battery life but i want to keep it small and light. So it needs to be 4 cell. Best ones are on Eee 900 USA versions ( 5800mAh @ 7.4V ), It would give me 5 hours.

So the full specs would be:

8.9 inch 1024 * 600 touch screen
Intel Atom at 1.6Ghz
1.3 Mpix auto focus webcam with dual array mics
Ethernet, Wifi, bluetooth, GPS and 3G HSPA
3 * USB, SD card slot, VGA out, mic/headset port
Stereo spekers on the screen frame
Multi touch mouse pad
5 hour 4 cell 5800mAh battery
225 mm * 165 mm * 35 mm 920g
Matt Black
XP Home

I would pay $700 to $800 for it.

Am I forgetting something?

Hmm.. just remembered that I want keyboard light too.. but none has it? ( typing in a dark balcony.. )

So how about you?

Link to your blog post or comment here.. or do both.

Links to others perfect netbooks:

Niels på nettet

ASUS R50 UMPC gets official again

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Taipei, Taiwan, August 28, 2008 – " Performance on the move hits new heights with the ASUS R50. Weighing a nominal 520g, with a 5.6" LCD screen and at about the size of a passport wallet, the R50 is an secure and powerful mini-notebook with priceless portability and communication capabilities (such as WiFi and HSDPA 3.5G). The R50 is loaded with powerful features, fully enabling global communications, travelling and entertainment in any landscape across the world. With a built-in Premier GPS device, real-time navigation has never been so easy. Together with ASUS Photo Navigator, pictures can be documented along the roads travelled. So wherever you venture, the R50 offers the power, portability and performance to meet the demands of living and competing in the global market place. "

Asus Press Release

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Fujitsu Amilo Mini product page and full specs online

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Specs are pretty detailed...
Here is a pick about battery and noice levels:

Battery type1 Lithium-Ion battery
4 cells, 14.4 V / 2200 mAh (cell)
Battery runtime (idle mode)6 Up to 4:25 hours
Battery runtime (Internet surfing over WLAN) Up to 2:35 hours

Battery charging time (idle mode)7 Up to 1:30 hours
Battery charging time (maximum active mode)8 Up to 1:40 hours
Battery charging time (off mode)9 Up to 1:20 hours

Energy consumption
S0 (idle mode) ~ 12 W
S0 (max. active mode)10 ~ 19 W
S3 (stand by / energy saving mode) ~ 1.1 W
S4 (hibernate) ~ 0.9 W
S5 (off mode) ~ 0.5 W

Noise emission
Idle mode11 27.5 dBA / 0.46 Sone (silent mode off)
Maximum active mode12 30.5 dBA / 0.77 Sone (silent mode off)

Product Page

Image Gallery

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ultra Mobile Podcast no. 19

Welcome to listen Ultra Mobile Podcast no. 19. Join me and Steve talking about Ultra Mobility.

On the podcast: Netbooks at IFA

Click here download it [ mp3, 21:34 ]

Hands-on video of LG X110 netbook at IFA

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Thanks T3

Details, News and Links for LG X110

T-Mobile to sell Asus Eee PC 901 GO with internal 3G

Eee PC 901 GO!

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[ translated with Google ]

" In addition to expanding the services T-Mobile for mobile devices and laptops, the Mobile Broadband offer. ASUS cooperates with T-Mobile in the marketing of the Eee PC, the pioneer of Netbooks.

News highlight is the 901 Eee PC GO with integrated mobile broadband technology, specifically adapted to the T-Mobile network adapted. Quick starts the second customer after the device with the jointly developed "ASUS Connection Manager" the mobile Internet and can take up to five hours mobile surfing - no long wait at boot time, no annoying install additional software or even setting up routers is required. Important software for the Internet and working with documents on the 1.1 kilogram light machine already preinstalled. "

So 3G version of Eee 901 is coming soon...

We got evidence about it long time ago, but now it should be here soon..

Details, News and Links for Asus Eee PC 901

T-Mobile Press Release [ translated ]

Meet LG X110 netbook with 3G and GPS

More netbooks from IFA

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" 3G Embedded Netbook X110

The next step in technological evolution from the smartphone, the X110 is leading the next wave of new telecommunication-oriented devices, featuring trendy design and embedded 3G HSPA connectivity. 3G embedded features combined with WLAN 802.11 b/g and 10/100 Ethernet for stable and fast connections means users can communicate and share information any time, any way, any place. The X110 also differentiates itself from other competitors with advanced features such as a five-fold increase in storage capacity through its 80GB hard disk drive and its modern and chic design. "

UPDATE: Engadget has more pics and info


8.9 inch 1024 * 600 screen
Intel Atom at 1.6Ghz
120GB HDD ( 6GB SSD option )
Built-in 3G HSDPA and GPS modules

XP Home

€399 to €499 (about $590 to $738)

Details, News and links for LG X110

Engadget hands-on pics

LG Press release

Meet Fujitsu Amilo Mini Ui 3520 netbook

Press pictures and specs just in..

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8.9’’ WSVGA Display (1024 x 600)
Intel® Atom™ Processor N270 (1,6 GHz)
1024 MB DDR2 667 MHz RAM
60/80 GB HDD (3600 rpm / 4200 rpm)
LAN, WLAN 802.11 b/g, Bluetooth
ExpressCard slot
USB 2.0, VGA out
Webcam 1,3 Megapixel, Digital Array Microphone

Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition
233 x 29 / 36 x 175 mm, 1 kg


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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Faster low-cost SSDs for netbooks and UMPCs coming soon

Finally! Low-cost with good speeds is what we need

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" Seoul, Korea – Aug. 27, 2008 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., the world leader in advanced semiconductor technology, announced today that it has begun sampling low-density, higher-performance solid state drives (SSDs) that are only 30 percent of the size of 2.5-inch SSDs and highly cost-efficient to manufacture. With the introduction of these smaller, low-capacity SSDs, Samsung now offers an attractive replacement for existing hard drives used in low-cost PCs. Available in densities of 8GB, 16GB and 32GB, the new multi-level-cell SSDs will be mass produced beginning next month.

Samsung’s new MLC-based SSD at 32GB capacity will read data (sequentially) at 90MB/s and write it (sequentially) at 70MB/s – performance levels much greater than low-density SSDs on the market today. The 16GB reads at 90MB/s and writes at 45MB/s, while the 8GB reads at 90MB/s and writes at 25MB/s. "

AkihabaraNews Via GottaBeMobile

Samsung Introduces High-performance, Low-density, SATA II SSDs for Low-priced PC Market

Add 8, 16, 32, and 64 GB to your ASUS EEE PC with MYDIGITALSSD PCI-e SSD!Buy from
Buy from

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Asus Eee PC 900A gets unboxed

As Sascha is so nice guy, he unboxed my Eee 900A before sending it to me!

Click to see the video

It should be here tomorrow...

..and I will check how he messed the boot speed ;)

Thanks Sascha! [ translated ]

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First 3G netbook shipping soon

FTEC eeBook G10E & G10X aka ECS G10IL now available for pre-orders in Malaysia..

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This is really good news. I really hope we will soon see other netbooks with 3G.

Asus? Acer? Are you listening?

Check more from UMPCFever

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