Thursday, August 14, 2008

Gigabyte M528 shipping soon!

This is one I have been waiting for..

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It will be good on places I don't want to carry my UMPC or netbook..

Expansys have just listed the M528 with 3G, GPS, 3mp cam for just 429 UK pounds, 549 Euros in Germany and $689 at U.S. site.

Shipping 17th September.

UPDATE: No 3G!!! uuuh.. " HSDPA available through mini card module (available seperately) " and it doesn't seem to be available seperately..

Thanks Steve!

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Anonymous said...

asus r50a would be even better.

Unknown said...

ok so the aigo is in my hand, not sure if i want to keep it? i would send pics if requested. I also have the m528 on order and hope the build quality is better.
overall this is a great device but the lack of 3G is an issue.

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