Friday, October 31, 2008

XP drivers for Aigo P8860 MID online!

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Touch, bt and gps working...

.. no chipset, vga or wifi yet...

... video coming soon....

NOTE: updating BIOS back for Linux is not tested yet!!!

Get you Aigo and drivers from DFJ

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ubuntu-MID 8.10 on Aigo MID

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Windows 7 running on MSI Wind

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...not showing much, but boot is not the fastest..

Thanks DavGerm4

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Design your dream computer for Asus and Intel

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" About WePC

Imagine your perfect PC. Now imagine top engineers and innovators working around the clock to make that Dream PC a reality. That's the dream is all about.

ASUS and Intel have created, a place where users like you come together to share ideas, images and inspiration about your ideal PC. But what if it's not just talk. Your designs, feature ideas and community feedback will be evaluated by ASUS and could influence the blueprint for an actual notebook PC built by ASUS with Intel inside. "

Hmm.. a mobile, touch and 3g enabled dream comes to my mind...

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Via Engadget

Fujitsu U2010 / U820 with XP

Click to see the video

VGA driver


Drivers.. drivers ... drivers.

Thanks Milklok for VGA drivers

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3G on Aigo P8860 MID running Midinux

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Link to UMTSmon

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How-to: 3G HSDPA to Acer Aspire One

Heat your soldering irons...

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Solder a jumper wire here..

.. and here.

Add SIM slot..

..and pci-e connector.

Get a antenna.. this is from Lenovo..

route it to wwan slot,

and place it next to wifi card.


Surf is up!


Mini PCI-E connector ( 9mm high )
SIM holder
3G card

You should be able to use Novatel 850D with sim slot too..

Thanks tnkgrl! You're the man! .. eh, grl..

Jump to tnkgrl Mobile for full read

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ultra Mobile Podcast no. 21

Welcome to listen Ultra Mobile Podcast no. 21. Join me, Steve and Sascha talking about Ultra Mobility.

On the podcast: Netbooks, MIDS, multitouch and Linux vs XP

Click here download it [ mp3, 01:05:15 ]

Saturday, October 25, 2008

SFR M! PC Pocket aka French Aigo MID UI video

Yep, they got it with 3G...

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The UI looks ok to me... aps look the same but the launcher is new.

.. but i rather keep my qwerty than have that round pad on it.

Video Source

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Friday, October 24, 2008

How-to: 3G HSDPA to Aigo P8860 MID


Click to see the video and pics

So pretty simple:

Open it, solder mini pci-e connector and SIM card slot, add 3G card and antenna..

It is gooood now!

As you can see from the last pic, there is plenty or room on other side too... fast usb flash going in soon... or maybe a finger print reader.. or..

Get Novatel 3G HSDPA modem from MobilX

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Live Broadcast tonight at 21:00 CET

Hosts: Steve and jkk Starring: Aigo p8860, Everun Note, Gigabyte M912M and Fujitsu U2010
... and all other UMPCs and netbooks

Show is over.. Thanks for joining!

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

How-to: Installing XP to Aigo P8860 MID


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Delete, make new and format the first drive/partition to fat32 or nfts. I used Vista dvd on external usb dvd drive.

Make BartPE usb disk - copy i386 folder from XP disk to that usb stick. Boot with that usb stick.

On BartPE, click start, run and type: Run E:\i386\winnt32.exe /syspart:C: /tempdrive:C: /makelocalsource

XP install software starts and ends after copying files.. shutdown, take the usb stick out and boot..

..Grub bootloader appears..

grub> chainloader +1 ...and hit enter key
grub> boot ...and hit enter key

Installing XP continues.. takes about 45 minutes.


Now wait for XP drivers ;)

Here is a detailed guide using BartPE

..and here is someone lucky using the Aigo with full set of XP drivers

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ExpressGate on Eee PC 901

Click to see the video

It could be faster.. but it's a good start.

I will test that later too..

Thanks Blogeee

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Asus CEO interviewed; Touchscreen Eee PC is coming

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LAPTOP magazine interviewed ASUS CEO Jerry Shen, and among other good news, there was a toucheee one:

Joanna Stern: Windows 7 is really being touted for its multi-touch capabilities. Can you share any plans for touch Eee PCs?

ASUS CEO Jerry Shen: Some of the models will have this function next year, but not all the models. The touch function has its advantage but also some disadvantages. The machine will have to be thicker if it has touch and we want to have slim machines still.

Joanna Stern: Would you go with a tablet convertible form or build touch also into the normal laptop form?

Jerry Shen:We are considering both. We are considering a tablet one and also a different alternative and form but we cannot talk about the details. We plan to talk about it in Q1 of next year

So it is coming.. and depending how you read the interview, it will be multitouch..

Thanks Joanna! Read the whole interview

EETI to bring multitouch screens to netbooks

Me like!

Click here to see more

"Already running pilot runs of the 7-inch multi-touch panels, the company also plans to expand its multi-touch range to 12.1-inch applications for notebooks, the sources remarked."

EETI ( eGalax ) is well know of making UMPC and netbook ( modded netbook )touchscreen controllers. But now they are starting to manufacture capacitive multitouch screens.

I really looking forward on this! We will see how inline this is with touch screen Eee PC news.

Thanks DigiTimes


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Surfing with Aigo P8860 MID

Surf is up.. with Firefox 3 on it..

Click to see the video

Yep, it needed some hacking....

More about that soon..

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Live Broadcast tonight at 21:30 CET

Hosts: Steve and jkk Starring: Aigo P8860 MID Special quests: Everun Note, Gigabyte M912M and Fujitsu U2010
... and all other UMPCs and netbooks

Show is over.. Thanks all for joining!

Mean while you can get into the Aigo MID specs and check the unboxing

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Unboxing Aigo P8860 MID

Click to see the video

Want live broadcasting tonight?

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Fujitsu U2010 / U820 / U/B50N UMPC review

Wanna see a PC using just 3 watts of power...

Click to see the video

Thanks Conics for letting me use it!

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Asus Eee PC 901 3.5G HSUPA unboxed. New features found too.

Yep, soon you don't have to mod it for 3G anymore..

Click here to see more

Sim card slot behind the battery ready for some mobility..

But that's not all. When I first checked the details at Asus site, I noticed thay say it will have 16GB SSD. I was worried that they might use the slow SSD found on 900A and on some others, but I'm happy to tell that that's not the case:

Eee PC 901 3.5G has 8GB SLC SSD for OS and 8GB MLC SSD for storage. On other 901s there is only 4GBs for OS, so this is good upgrade. You can easily upgrade the second SSD but not the first one. You can check the speed difference of SLC and MLC from here.

I don't yet have any official prices, but we have info that it will be 399 euros at T-Mobile Germany.

901 3.5G unboxing at Mobile01

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Samsung NC10 netbook tested

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Yep, I can see the SIM card slot for 3G but I was expecting some major goodies compared to other netbooks..

Samsung has made super work on UMPC battery life, but netbooks doesn't seem to deserve the same engineering quality:

Less than 2 hour battery life with 3 cell battery!

On other fronts it gets high grades for looks and quality...

Check the whole review from Tech It Easy [ traslated ]

Via EeePCNews [ traslated ]

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