Wednesday, October 29, 2008

3G on Aigo P8860 MID running Midinux

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Link to UMTSmon

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Anonymous said...

this device is getting more and more to one tof the best i ever seen, esp. with your mod jkk ;-)
they should bring them to market and name it "aigo jkk edtition"

midinux and umtsmon is a good combination

Anonymous said...

Good work!

Inside question, but for me essential, in the linux version you are using can your included word program open .doc files and convert them to .pdf, PLEASE TRY; THIS WOULD BE AN ABSOLUTE DREAM MACHINE FOR ME IF IT WOULD WORK! Thanks!

Unknown said...

openoffice would work for that, any word on support for CDMA modems, in USA Verizon still CDMA and support is not there, would love to hear if you have any luck with such a modem???

Claudio Midolo said...

Ciao JKK, thanks for the great work you post here to share with us.

I'm currently living in the USA and I own an AIGO p8860. I would like to follow your how to and hack it for 3G using the HSDPA module I would buy from mobilx, but one problem arises: is the module working in the USA too? on the mobilx website I see it is "optimized for Europe" which make me think it works just on EU infrastructures.

Thank you and keep up with the great work!

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