Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Buffalo SSD for Eee PCs. Test results

Here at last.. tested.

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As it's MLC flash, it's good for storage on Eee PC 901, but too slow for OS use..

Thanks Conics for the sample!

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David said...

Are there no SLC models available at all?

Juanjo Marín said...

I'd like to see a review of Intel's X25-M SSD. It is receiving good reviews:

Anonymous said...

Can you tell us the program and the setting of the benchmark test please.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Intel's x-25 is useless for most EEEs. We need SSDs with a pci express interface.

Anonymous said...

I would buy only the faster SLC. The credit crunch hasn't yet reduced me to MLC, but maybe Icelanders will be ordering these ;-)

Anonymous said...


Maybe YOURS does, but some of us rock HDD EEE's.

Anonymous said...

What did you use to test the drive?

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