Monday, October 06, 2008

Aigo P8860 MID dissected.. want to see 3G upgrade?

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Those soldering pads are just asking for PCIE connector...

Wanna see?

UMPCFever opened their P8860 too.. on video

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Anonymous said...

of course i wanna see. would also like to see it take one of those mydigitalpc ssds as well

Anonymous said...

Windows drivers might be hard to come by as long as its shipped only as Linux version. Even for Linux the drivers are not available for open operating systems like Ubuntu so you are stuck with the pre-installed OS which does not really support 3rd party apps.

Anonymous said...

Yepp wonna see ;-)

The keyboard looks nearly like mine on Nokia 9300.

Nice device

Anonymous said...

Greetings JKK:

I really don't understand this Aigo Mid.
Priced well over $600US, but sells in China.
I don't think many Chinese people will buy it at that price.
Its even highly priced on Ebay too.

I think MID manufactures have to rethink
their pricing strategies and follow the
pricing success of Netbooks.
Regards Robert

Anonymous said...

You could found in China more 100 Millions of peapoles who have more money that regulard citizen of west Europe. in plus this pepole comfrom HK

the main ptoblème that is the sofwaire


Pctrelos said...

pcie plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz bigger SSD mod would bring it at the top!

Anonymous said...

Robert your thinking way to poor of China
Recently Amerika asked China to pull them out of the financial crisis. And on top of that it's true that like 70% of china won't be able to afford a MID and would rather go buy a computer for 600$ but think about it. There are 1 billion chinese citizens. So 300 million could afford it.

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