Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Asus R50A gets some hands-on and pricing

1.33Ghz Atom, touch, 32GB SSD, GPS, DVB-T and 3G HSDPA on 520g UMPC..

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Tom's Hardware got to play with it and come out pretty pleased...

1.33 Atom with Polsbo is not my favorite with Vista but with XP it would be fine..

It should be soon available in Germany for 799 euros.

Remember to check our hands-on video from Cebit

R50A at Tom's Hardware [ translated ]

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Anonymous said...

No slider keyboard. MID FAIL.

Anonymous said...

yes, no slider keyboard sucks.

to big for a mid, to small for a decent umpc.

as always vista sucks in these kind of device.

nice to see dvb, gps and 3g.

very ugly design...

M528 all the way !

Anonymous said...

Typical Asus device,dont like eeet !

Anonymous said...

I must admit I don't really get this device. Can someone suggest some usage scenarios where this would work well?

With the TV tuner and GPS it looks like its really aimed at more mid functionality but with a heap of software bloat (vista or xp) than is necessary for applications that are already handled better by dedicated devices with a smaller form-factor and better battery life.

If it had a docking connector then it might make a good portable cpu, but even then the machine is to slow to run vista as even a low-end desktop replacement. And as a full web browser device the battery life is just too short.

Anonymous said...

sharp wilcom d4 is better choice i think

Anonymous said...

I didn't expect this device to cost 1000 euro, that's insane!

Anonymous said...


- Too heavy for run Vista!
- Too short battery life for a HANDHELD umpc!
- Finally, Cut down the price please!

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