Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ubuntu-MID 8.10 on Aigo MID

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Anonymous said...

could it be that you a bit in love with the aigo? so much testing ;-) thanks again for that work it is real good for us consumer.

but ubuntu will not be my os for now on this device. may takes 2-3 month or year ;-) for ubuntu working on such devices.

xp on that device is best i thin, for now ;-)

Anonymous said...

damn! a mid os, which doesn't support the touchscreen :D

Anonymous said...

What is Ubuntu's story? This is sometime typical of them. With their LTSP stuff, thin clients that work with K12LTSP do not work with Ubuntu LTSP.

Regarding this problem with the MID software maybe should contact Steve's "Ubuntu Friend" to fix this. My guess is that Steve has his email address. It is very strange that this is not working. Maybe Ubuntu is only working these days first with Intel, due to Moblin affiliation? But, Moblin is maybe heading toward using RPMs? Very Strange. Maybe Intel was having such problems and decided to work with Red Hat instead of Ubuntu or the Debian folks?

Anonymous said...

Sadly, this is a pretty typical linux user experience if you have hardware that isn't old enough and very wide-spread (thus well-known).

Can't say I'm surprised... Damn it, I'd like to like linux, but it's so frustrating sometimes. You just have to hope some Ubuntu developer happens to own an Aigo MID and wants to get it working, and then give it time. Lots of it. Also wish for drivers - linux devs can't create them out of nothing by themselves.

Anonymous said...

EXCEPT - when the OEM puts LINUX on the device... it is tested out. Like:
- EeePC runs fine with their Linux
- Acer Aspire runs fine with their Linux
- HP and the HP Mini Note runs Novell SusE (OEM version) of the system so drivers are tested and work.
- AND HP's new Mini 1000 will have a version with Ubuntu out later this year, or early next year.
- Dell and their desktops, laptops, netbook with Ubuntu. It has been reported that DELL has told hardware folks that want to do business with Dell that they need (required) to have Linux compatibility. So, by next year.
- Everun Note will have a version of Ubuntu before the end of the year (installed at the factory)
- HiVision is doing LINUX on their systems
- Nokia is running LINUX on many of their devices.
- The list grows longer every time you look. Linux is becoming more mainstream. And yes, the hardware folks ARE doing more to create drivers for the use with LINUX.

AND yes, I have been running Ubuntu on an old Latitude from Dell just fine.

By the Middle of 2009, there will not be a new device that will not have a Linux version.

JKK said...

I don't think you got it right..

This version of Ubuntu was made for my device...

.. or to all MIDs.. Aigo MID is only one globally awailable and all others use same hw ( mostly)

.. so? it should have worked

Anonymous said...

Ubuntu is not a "for profit" organization. So, Aigo needs to join them, get on the inside, and do the work themselves (or muster enough of the volunteers to help do it for them). Dell has set up a relationship with Ubuntu. Most likely, these volunteers (and Canonical Ltd staff, who are paid, but are paid to support Ubuntu for the sake of profit doing Ubuntu support) need to have Aigo MID in their hands to have this work done. Since they don't have TONS of CASH MONEY to throw around to afford some people (they are not Microsoft), they are on a diet "time-wise", where the Microsoft Monopoly just throws developers and testers at everything! However, most Linux distros must be careful to pick and choose what they are working on, one project at a time. This post should be of interest to you:

Anonymous said...

IN time, as the critical mass of LINUX developers grows (and it is growing because the LINUX source code can be taught at the University because it is FREE to examine, where Microsoft's code NO ONE CAN SEE and Examine (making LINUX, and other GPL'd software, a good choice to use in the classroom at a university computer science class). In time, as universities all around the world use LINUX in the classrooms more and more, then you will see this LINUX support from companies and volunteers grow even faster (just look at how LINUX is being adopted in CHINA for example to see the possible growth of the number of minds available to fix things). Linux runs on more CPUs and harware now than any other OS in history. Because of the GPL, if any hardware is around in enough volume to create interest, well some coders will have it running on that device. Some DEVICES (low end cheaper ones) need to work with the LINUX folks to get their drivers working BEFORE they release their product into the market place. Hey - then nice thing about LINUX is that even one person, with a unique hardware, and with knowledge can most likely get Linux to work on that hardware. The Aigo MID story... is that it is on the radar and as you can see there are posts on the forums about it.

Jkk - What you need to do is have Steve put you into contact with Oliver (with you being Oliver's tester and feedback guy).

jpmatrix said...


i got quite the sema result on my u1010....although touchscreen seems to respond ut calibration was impossible.....
i had windows positioning trouble too which made me unable to connect to my wifi network too :( then i quit from continuing my testing...

that s really a pity...

Anonymous said...

it's works with touchscreen. You just have to calibrate it.
I install ubuntu mid con my Ruvo Avox (Gigabyte U60) and work ok.

JKK said...

did you even see the video?

I tried to calibrate but touch on Aigo MID is not supported.

Anonymous said...

Excellent exhibition of how Ubuntu MID remains
in the vaporware department.

No drivers, no drivers, no drivers.
Locked down display attributes.
Dumbed-down hardware configuration.
Sound like any other OS you might recognize?

Hope they get their acts together - it would be shame
if they got pre-emptively deprecated
by the MOBLIN project.

Unless fedora gets in the game,
but they will probably remain spectators.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous above -
It's clearly not vaporware seeing as it's been released. This is an extremely early release, think alpha. Very few drivers are currently written. Not everything should be expected to work on the first few releases. That's the way things work in the linux world, things are released to the public immediately instead of being hidden away while it is polished so that it can be extensively tested by the community. This is developed primarily by volunteers in their own free time, so unless you can do better, don't shit on it. Also you clearly haven't done your homework, Ubuntu MID is based heavily on Moblin. I also really hope Fedora gets in the game, but I doubt they will. Fedora's mission plan is totally different, they are all about providing the bleeding edge, not the most stable or user-friendly setup.

@Jkk - Clearly it's not ready for prime time, but you need to make it clear that this is just a work in progress. Normally I really enjoy your reviews, but this one was just too judgemental & not enough background on the project was given. For such an early release, it's honestly a lot further along than I thought it would be.

Anonymous said...

You guys aren't paying attention. Aigo doesn't need to partner with Ubuntu (a Debian based Linux) when they release a device preinstalled with an RPM based linux (Fedora 7 or 8 I believe). This device is easily modded from the factory install into a normal fedora install with XFCE. If the touch screen doesn't work then the Ubuntu MID people need to take a look at the Fedora driver and see where they missed.

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