Thursday, October 09, 2008

Meet MSI Wind U120, "business netbook"

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Some specs:

10.2 inch screen ( no word on reso )
Intel Atom N270 at 1.6Ghz
3 x USB, VGA out
802.11n Wi-Fi

"It should be available in December for less than $600."

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Via Engadget

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Anonymous said...

this is a business netbook? personally i think the original Wind looks more professional, this 1 looks more stylish/hipper like they are trying to appeal to the youth market.

this device is so similar to the original Wind it almost seems silly they even released it. Gen 2 devices should just wait until the Dual-Core Atom comes out. the "improvements" inside this device could have easily been put in the current Wind.

Anonymous said...

errr...i like U100, i think

Anonymous said...

Is that a fan-hole on the left side?
I'd like to see more fanless netbooks, like the Dell Mini, but please no glossy displays!

Anonymous said...

Does it has a ssd? or a hdd?

Anonymous said...

I loved the design of the MSI Wind U100. But this one looks crappy ... like the Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Mino or something ... I hate the colours and especially the 4-5 black/white lines that can be seen from the left or right hand side when closed.

Anonymous said...

For all of you to remember:

Intel is not selling their Atom 330 for build in Netbooks!!! the DualCore Atom is only designed for Nettops... so you don´t have to wait for DualCore-Netbooks coming so soon!

Anonymous said...

That's what they said before they even have in stock, a lot of things can change, so I didn't take that message seriously.

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