Monday, October 20, 2008

Asus CEO interviewed; Touchscreen Eee PC is coming

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LAPTOP magazine interviewed ASUS CEO Jerry Shen, and among other good news, there was a toucheee one:

Joanna Stern: Windows 7 is really being touted for its multi-touch capabilities. Can you share any plans for touch Eee PCs?

ASUS CEO Jerry Shen: Some of the models will have this function next year, but not all the models. The touch function has its advantage but also some disadvantages. The machine will have to be thicker if it has touch and we want to have slim machines still.

Joanna Stern: Would you go with a tablet convertible form or build touch also into the normal laptop form?

Jerry Shen:We are considering both. We are considering a tablet one and also a different alternative and form but we cannot talk about the details. We plan to talk about it in Q1 of next year

So it is coming.. and depending how you read the interview, it will be multitouch..

Thanks Joanna! Read the whole interview

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Anonymous said...

"The machine will have to be thicker if it has touch"

is that really true? sounds like an excuse to not include it in all models, so they can lure people into buying the more expensive models because they really want touch

Anonymous said...

"The machine will have to be thicker if it has touch"

Yes this is alot of Bull**** he is just an ASUS CEO Jerry Shen = "Steve Jobs"(much thicker LOL)

JKK & others have shown how to this MOD fairly easily,so design(s) don't have to change......THEY WILL JUST HAVE A BIGGER PRICE!

Anonymous said...

i had a touchscreen in my 900 but no more, its funny but not workable. i am faster with touchpad and keyboard. touchscreen ok but than it must be a convertible ;-)

Anonymous said...

It would not be anything more than a couple extra layers to the LCD package (preferably under the top polarizer layer to reduce reflections).

jtj: Sure, touchscreens are not ideal for every type of need - you usually can't easily move the cursor without clicking either. A touchsreen-modded Eee is great for surfing however.

Anonymous said...

yep sofasurfing with firefox and touchscreen was a great thing, a bit i miss it ;-)

Anonymous said...

I wonder if ASUS will add a good capacitive screen, rather than a cheap resistive screen...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I know this about Netbooks but they do have these for now:

Unknown said...

Will it have a tablet mode?

Anonymous said...

eee s101 where are you, yes its expensive but the fact is its still an ultra portable

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