Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How-to: 3G HSDPA to Acer Aspire One

Heat your soldering irons...

Continue reading..

Solder a jumper wire here..

.. and here.

Add SIM slot..

..and pci-e connector.

Get a antenna.. this is from Lenovo..

route it to wwan slot,

and place it next to wifi card.


Surf is up!


Mini PCI-E connector ( 9mm high )
SIM holder
3G card

You should be able to use Novatel 850D with sim slot too..

Thanks tnkgrl! You're the man! .. eh, grl..

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Anonymous said...

film a video about it please...thanks

Anonymous said...

you could have the Acer Aspire without Soldering

Acer France =>

- Aspire One A150-BGb (Sapphire Blue) => LU.S090B.078
- Aspire One A150-BGw (Perle Withe) => LU.S080B.07
- Aspire One A110-BGb (Sapphire Blue) => LU.S070B.005
- Aspire One A110-BGw (Perle Withe) => LU.S060B.004

3G module 'Option 380" with GPS


you could but it to :



Anonymous said...

Would this mod also be effective for the Dell Mini 9? You'd be able to skip the sim card holder since there is one behind the battery holder, right? Thanks in advance

JKK said...

there is no sim slot on dell... just the place for the holder..

i will test this on dell when i get it back...

Unknown said...

anything similar to this for the Lenovo S1?

I'll be buying one at the end of this month

Anonymous said...

I have big problems finding a pci-e connector for the 3G mod. Molex only have a 4 mm, with same specs. Can it be used.....or can you help me ??


Anonymous said...

hi jkk,
i want to buy a net book that is coming pre bundled with 3g support from the manufacturer,
could you please help me out by giving me the details of both acer and asus models with the current spec and where to buy from in usa..
and your recommendations are also awaited...
thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hello thanks for the wonderful job
please need reference exact were to buy spare parts
sim holder and mini pci 9 mm connector.
for aspire one
thanks a lot for help

Anonymous said...


Can I remove the WIFI card from my ACER and use a Novatel 850D HSDPA card in its place? and will it require additional modding? perhaps covering pins 20 + 18 with tape?<-- similar to what you did with the Dell Mini 9?

Thank you for your time.

Anonymous said...

Is this some convoluted way to drum up demand for the parts needed for the 3G mod? where did you folks who posted this mod get your parts from? They are nowhere to be found on the internet searches. Obsolete parts says Molex? What the? What was ACER thinking? or did ACER buy them out and planning on selling them to us later for a jacked up price? What the? hmmmm. I wonder. And what's the idea ACER dummy's soldered in only 512MB RAM chips limiting max installed RAM capability to only 1.5GB? MAX should have been left at allowed 2GB for this chip set. Dang, what goes on here? Hmmmmm. Oh well, nice cute netbook regardless.

Anonymous said...

Author(s) of this 3G mod, please tell us where you sourced your parts from. Why don't you answer our questions on where to get the parts from? Does not make sense that you told and showed us everything else on how to perform the mod, listed the parts used, but left out where we can get them from! Do you have stock in the parts suppliers maybe and are trying to drive up the demand to a certain point before releasing where and who to buy from (at a jacked up price) perhaps? No right? so then please just say where you all got your parts from... PLEASE?

thibault said...

Dear all,

i would like to know how we can help the acer one to recognize the MC8775 on OS X.
When i installed the driver from sierra noting work on mac os but work fine on windows.
If someone know how to modify the key file to detect this card it will be great.

Anonymous said...

I just bought an acer netbook with the 3g sim card from AT&T. any ideas how I can use this 3g SIM car sim card in my DELL laptop?

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, i hv orered EU850D finally for ma acer6920G, well i hv read many reviews abt acer locked bios but ma bios is not locked bcz today i hv set n rest password, i like to take risk lol. i hv 2 mini pci slots here one is for wlan n other is empty which is for TV card i will try the TV one. rest is my luck and maybe JKK will help in it. will come back wd more upon delivery of modem. Thx

Anonymous said...

I have some mini pci 9,2 mm holder for 3G card holder.
need sim holder for Aspire one
if interested by the exchange please contact me .
y attal at msn dot com

Unknown said...

I wonder if it is possible to use Dell 5530 3G module.
it is Ericsson made but drivers can not be installed in other notebook!
any one can help me find generic drivers?
thanks for help

Anonymous said...

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas its done , today received ma EU850D n installed in TV slot in ma ACER6920G works perfect no tapes no solders no wires and really easy to access modem bcz acer has given separate little one screw hatch for wireless it is more easier bcz ma bios is unlocked all i did is just removed one screw n i installed the modem n im flying, modem software is very easy n quick JKK is rite it is quick, thanks JKK i am able to do this only bcz of you bcz you have left so many videos n pics for us that notin is impossible, thanks again. If anyone wants to do any discussion regarding this ma email is bladez5 at hotmail com im not professional but wat i did i can tell u about that. Thx

Anonymous said...

Hello JKK I need to know the sim slot holder that you used what brand and model did you use? and where did you obtain it from?

Anonymous said...

can i connect to the internet with this idea and hoe please thank you..

Anonymous said...

You are truly the man!

I have the same problem about a hole where the Sim card should have been. I have seen the how to above, But where do I get thee SIM card and how much is it. Is there a specific Sim card made for the Acer? or should I buy a mobile phone and tear the SIM reader out of it?

Thank you, I need it please help

Omar Sanda

Anonymous said...

Hi JKK, Would this method be identical for the Aspire ONE 531 or ZG8 model?
Many thanks for all your posts!!

Anonymous said...

My daughter just got the aspire one!! I have no clue about this laptop,, I want to add a picture program to this and Have only a disc, which this computer does not take.. What can I do or how do I add programs to this?

Anonymous said...

you can buy simm slot and PCI-E conn on ebay, there is a trader from Hong Kong, i Just bought one and istalled, however it looks to be 10mm or more, since i had to cut case. Also I inserted SIMM card and it burned up, so be very careful what are you doing ...

Anonymous said...

Hello! This is a diferent model. Does anyone know what I have to do to have the 3G on it? It seems it has a sim holder from factory behind the battery. I really don't know it is usefull or "decorative" to future models.
The 3G modem is the same of wi-fi? Or I undertand totally wrong?
Please help me with tricks or links.



DONRAD said...

i saw you are using a proconn simholder. i checked product paper and he does not match the right pins on acer board. why does it work on your pc? did you change the pins on simholder? all were normaly wrong.

check this Proconn paper:

I bougt this simholder on ebay: ITEM: 50240598381
and second picture on this page show the pins on acer board.
and thank you for your mod idea

Anonymous said...

my laptop model is acer aspire my lap top has slot of 3G SIM .But it is not opened can i open pls give any one guid mailid,phone no:9247633001

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