Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Super Talent to make SSDs for Eee PCs too

More the better..

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At first I got exited a bit as Super Talent has some fast SSDs, but after a bit reading I noticed that these PCIE SSDs are using the same controllers and flash chips as MDD and Buffalo..
.. so the performance is the same.

MLC versions are good for storage and SLC for OS use..

Starting at $53, available after November..

Super Talent Technology

Thanks jkOnTheRun

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David said...

Nothing wrong with a potential price war, right?

Anonymous said...

I think they'll get a lot of buys from unknowing consumers buying something like this, and later being disappointed at it's slow speed.

Heber said...


Are these Dell Mini 9 compatable?


Anonymous said...

just with the asus as they come in e bigger form.

Anonymous said...
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JKK said...


Anonymous said...

What about the 150MB/sec MLC and the 170MB/sec SLC versions? has anyone done testing to verify their numbers?

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