Monday, October 20, 2008

EETI to bring multitouch screens to netbooks

Me like!

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"Already running pilot runs of the 7-inch multi-touch panels, the company also plans to expand its multi-touch range to 12.1-inch applications for notebooks, the sources remarked."

EETI ( eGalax ) is well know of making UMPC and netbook ( modded netbook )touchscreen controllers. But now they are starting to manufacture capacitive multitouch screens.

I really looking forward on this! We will see how inline this is with touch screen Eee PC news.

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Anonymous said...

8.9 inch touchscreen for Acer Aspire One and step-by-step manual..............AND IM IN ! :P

Anonymous said...

hmm .. I don't get the point here.So a Co. makes screns , so ? Whats Multi-Touch vs TouchScreen ? as in multi-fingers touchpad ?

Anonymous said...

yep i thin so ;-)
the touchscreens from eeti are good the work exact, i had one.

Anonymous said...

Would be good if they release one for the MSI Wind...

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