Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fujitsu U2010 / U820 with XP

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VGA driver


Drivers.. drivers ... drivers.

Thanks Milklok for VGA drivers

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Anonymous said...

Thank you jkk!

Anonymous said...

So after using this with both XP and Vista, which OS do you think runs better?

Anonymous said...

Hello, JKK,
Can you tell me what Internet Explorer you are using on u2010. It seems fantastic with finger movements. Thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

Did you utilize the 810 XP recovery CD to perform this on the 820? I am ready to remove vista home and it would be great to confirm. Machine is great (Vista is really not for it though)

JKK said...

no, i used different drivers from different place..

but now the official xp drivers are on fujitsu sites.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the response, and your wonderful reviews :)

So would an 810 XP recovery and a fujtisu 820 xp driver be a good approach?

Love this thing!

Anonymous said...

Downgrade OS to XP and installed mouse driver provided by fujitsu but mouse now only operates properly in tablet form but moves in opposite direction when in normal viewing mode. Anyone know ow to solve this problem and anyone know where to get driver to enable autorotate? thanks in advance for any help.


Anonymous said...


go here

Install all the utils and drivers and your mouse will be fine.

previouslysilentOld said...

I recently bought a 2nd hand U2010 off ebay and it came with vista home premium, which I quickly wiped and replaced with win7-pro and ubuntu-9.10 netbook remix. Fujitsu have published a full set of w7 drivers and utilities, which you need to install in the right order, but once set up right it runs extremely well and the tablet support is excellent (auto-rotate, tap/hold for right mouse) etc. there's a good community at

Anonymous said...


I'm looking to get a U820. Does the GPS still work after the XP downgrade?

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