Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Live Broadcast tonight at 21:30 CET

Hosts: Steve and jkk Starring: Aigo P8860 MID Special quests: Everun Note, Gigabyte M912M and Fujitsu U2010
... and all other UMPCs and netbooks

Show is over.. Thanks all for joining!

Mean while you can get into the Aigo MID specs and check the unboxing

Jump to live broadcast..

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Anonymous said...

yay!!! \o/

Anonymous said...

jkk Missed the broadcast... you have a recorded version?

Anonymous said...

OT: Any news on your hard disk adaptor for Eee 900? An update on that topic would be greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

missed it too! :-(

few questions:

1. how's the BATT life?
2. news on XP drivers?
3. news on extended (high capacity) BATT?


Anonymous said...
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