Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Raon Digital Everun Note gets details

Not that good looking in white, but specs are looking gooood..

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CPU AMD Turion 64x2 Dual Core 1.2GHz, 1MB L2 Cache
Graphic ATI RS690E +64MB DDR2 Side port Memory, Full DirectX 9.0 support
Memory 1GB DDR2
OS Microsoft Window XP Home
Display 7" 1024 x 600
Dual moniter supporting external display up to 1920x1200
Storage 60GB 1.8 inch HDD/UDMA100
Wireless Connectivity 802.11b/g WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR
Camera 1.3M pixel CMOS
Media Card SD/MMC Slot
Audio ALC262 HD Audio
Expansion Slot 2xUSB host, 1 x USB mini, 1x mini PCIExpress Slot, USIM card slot
Battery life 2.5 Hours for web-surfing
Size 200(W)x 118(H)x 27.5(D) mm

Thanks Steve

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Anonymous said...

specs look awesome, except for low battery life,and small mouse pad.

JKK said...

mause pad is a optical mouse.. it works pretty good.. i have the same mouse on their earlier Everun

Fawad said...

Those r solid specs..
If price is cheap, then its quite good...
Dual Core is mad...

Anonymous said...

No RJ45 jack,low battery life,not available in Europe.The overall concept is exactly what I wanted but...well its going to be the Wind then.

Anonymous said...

looks like a old c64 ;-) display 7" with 1024x768? too small

Anonymous said...

It seems it comes with an USB/RJ45 Adapter.




Anonymous said...

Nice specs and it'll have a nice high price to match

Anonymous said...

The mini USB port is confusing. I've never seen one of those before on a laptop. Do you plug the Everrun into another computer like you would a PocketPC or Cellphone? Or does it just function like an ordinary usb port that requires a custom cord?

Anonymous said...

More pictures of it here, also compared to the EEE 901.


I'm very interested in this device, I'd just like a larger battery for it with more battery life.

Mike Cane said...

jkk: Plane ticket to Korea for you? Heh-heh. All too small for me but I'll be interested in reading about it later.

Anonymous said...

So is it touch-screen or not?

Anonymous said...

Oooo! Specs say it is still touchscreen. Incredible! The specs also detail the optional battery charger unit for double battery life too - even better than a larger, heavier battery! Only questions left are when, where, and how much?

Anonymous said...

For so long now, I have been going on and on about why no one had manufactured a gaming umpc. As far as I am concerned, the specs of this one qualify and at last we will be able to run some decent games. Other umpc manufacturers will be kicking themselves when they see how well this everun dual core is going to sell. I will be importing one as soon as I can. Well done everun.

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