Thursday, August 28, 2008

Meet LG X110 netbook with 3G and GPS

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" 3G Embedded Netbook X110

The next step in technological evolution from the smartphone, the X110 is leading the next wave of new telecommunication-oriented devices, featuring trendy design and embedded 3G HSPA connectivity. 3G embedded features combined with WLAN 802.11 b/g and 10/100 Ethernet for stable and fast connections means users can communicate and share information any time, any way, any place. The X110 also differentiates itself from other competitors with advanced features such as a five-fold increase in storage capacity through its 80GB hard disk drive and its modern and chic design. "

UPDATE: Engadget has more pics and info


8.9 inch 1024 * 600 screen
Intel Atom at 1.6Ghz
120GB HDD ( 6GB SSD option )
Built-in 3G HSDPA and GPS modules

XP Home

€399 to €499 (about $590 to $738)

Details, News and links for LG X110

Engadget hands-on pics

LG Press release

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Anonymous said...

I have read confusing info on the web. Will a 1.8" 8mm thick hard drive fit into the Asus PC 901 after removing the 2nd SSD? Generally, the 8mm seems to get better $/GB over a 5mm drive.

Anonymous said...

One of the most important features is battery life?
With all these devices, it seems that that is still a question. The start to all these netbooks, the grandfather of them all, is the OLPC XO... and to date, no netbook can match the OLPC XO battery lifetime or the $10 user replaceable battery pricing (it's just too bad that the XO did not have larger or user replaceable RAM and SSD). And since I have not seen a mod of the XO to increase RAM and SSD then I suspect that such a mod is not possible?

Anonymous said...

120 GB HDD = 6 GB SSD?! Are SSDs really that expensive that if you wanted SSD instead of 120 GB HDD, you'll get only 6 GB?

Design looks good, in my opinion, but the side plastics look toy'ish in the last photo.

Anonymous said...

Does it sport a multitouch pad?

Anonymous said...

120 GB HDD = 6 GB SSD?!..

Maybe,if you put a real fast and high quality SSD in it,not that crap Asus puts in.

First real Wind competitor !

Jayayess1190 said...

This looks like the MSI Wind.

Anonymous said...

Looks snazzy. I doubt it'll make its way over stateside.

Anonymous said...

My sister bought the Acer One for her kids and loved it and the Linux that it uses is very easy so I dont get why LG has to settle on a 8 year old OS like XP and give no other option like all the other manufacturers do.

Im not getting my kids a Mac Air but Im not gonna have them use Windows and then have to worry about virus, spyware, malware, spysweeper, norton updates, running virus scans, adaware, spysweeper, tralalalallalala.
We are a Mac family and we gave all that WIndows fun up 4 years ago. After seeing the Acer One's ease of use, I dont mind having my children use a free OS like Linux that is secure and up to date.

Too bad, it looks very nice.

Anonymous said...

Looks like MSI WIND :)

Anonymous said...

mac r useless.mac air is shit.Please don't delete this post.I bought the shit mac air and then i bought an asus 2,500 euro small 11" business notebook which is excellent.I'm looking forward for your review of Asus n10 netbook.i'll buy it too.

Anonymous said...

To the guy who doesnt want xp, you can always install Linux after you buy the xp model. Also, your blind hate for XP is just silly.

Anonymous said...

actually, it is re-branded MSI Wind.
MSI company is selected for making this PC for LG....

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This looks like a Wind because it basically is one. You'll see more Wind clones in the future as well since MSI is openly making their design available for modification and re-branding.

Anonymous said...

I just ordered one of these off of ebay from Canada. It was advertised with 3G but arrived minus the modem. I am very disappointed. I would like to avoid back and forth shipping in the hopes that the seller can just send me the missing 3G modem. Does anyone know if installation on these models is fairly straight and how I might go about it?

Anonymous said...

I have one and they don't all come with Bluetooth and 3G, they are additional options, if you get one without it i don't think there is anything you can do about it. I spent 20 mins shaking mine trying to get the simcard out because they left the slot open even though there is no modem.

Anonymous said...


Andrew said...

LG X110 netbook is really a dashing tech gadget with distinguishing features including GPS and others. It really devours our attention.

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