Sunday, August 31, 2008

How to: Add touch panel to Acer Aspire One

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Yep, you need to have the touch panel, the controller ( same 8,9 inch as you can buy for Eee PC 900/901 ) and soldering skills.

USB lines are taken from the PCI-E connector and 5V from the mainboard ( not powered on stand by )

Check Lufcfans excellent guide

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Anonymous said...

Interesting site seeing netbooks been dismantled and items added to make it ideal netbook for which the manufacturer may purposedly overlooked or due to business factors.

Anonymous said...

I have a question, please help me out. I bought an acer aspire one with 8gb ssd, with linux, if I will follow your guide, and will put a hard drive instead of a ssd, can I install windows xp on it?

JKK said...

yes, you can instal windows xp to it.

Anonymous said...

So would you say it would be the same process for the SDD version of this little lovly thing? I'm quite new to this modding, however i have soldered touch screen into my 701 with very few problems. So would you say that its as difficult/easy as that mod? Thx alot for your time and effort - your truely inspire us all :)

Anonymous said...

Hmm i was wondering - if i buy a touch screen (Made for the 900/901) with a hub and a cam connector would i be able to cut the wires from the cam connector (For the mb) and solder it onto the points om the mb it should work as normal - but would i then be able to solder a bluetooth dongle onto the other cam connector (Going to the cam) and then it would be both touch screen og bt mod in one?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I have XP Pro running on my SSD probs at all
(except id LOVE to have more "storage space".... A full XP install with some "heavy" applications.... and you are out of storage (IF you sont have a extra SD card and use that for some of the applications)
Guess I will install a HDD soon :-)
Windows7 (7000) also run like a hot knife in butter :-)
What I would want was to have Windows7 or XP to run from a USB memory stick... but I just cant get them to install on those. Got to add I only tried on "cheap" ones- I just ordered a OCS 16GB one of the "advanced" type
(g3 or 3g or something- made for running MS operating systems as a bootable unit)
(linux Mint does and runs - with a dual boot from my cheap sticks- with option for the XP thats on the SD)

Anonymous said...

how much is a touch screen?

Anonymous said...

İt's about 50-60$, I think.
Does anyone has an idea, whether this "touch thing" works with games (let's say Warcraft 3). It'd be real cool if it does.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the touchscreen Driver emulate a normal mouse into win/lx. So you can use it anywhere in App. or Games.

Anonymous said...
this mod requires pins 36 and 38, is it possible to have both mods through the mini PCIe or do you have to lose a usb?

Anonymous said...

i have windows 7 ultimate installed on my aao. would this mod still work?

mali said...

it seems complicated. have you ever tried?

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