Friday, August 08, 2008

Broadcasting live now...

As a guest at LAPTOP Gadget Website

Show is over... Thanks for joining!

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Anonymous said...

sylvania specs - battery, accessories, camera?
internal empty slots?
ecs - same?

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a youtube link of the recording?

JKK said...

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a download link?
There doesn't seem to be an easy way to save the recording from's site.

Anonymous said...

Re: Saving Ustream recording?

What about Miro (they were claiming to be able to record just about everything). Have not tried it, but if it works for you then report back ok?

Anonymous said...

Miro can search and record just about anything, yes.
*download n' try it out. great stuff it is.
(just fiddle with the "search" part and rss linkage and you´ll be fine

Anonymous said...
hardly nothing there now but this link Might be useful for the future.

JKK said...

Steve typically records as we use his audio when we do it together:

Anonymous said...

general; all hail the JKK!

But the link (in previous post)is not working, this is however.

very silly, But at least I needed the dot on the end to get the link working.
(I had to search for "umpcportal" to get that link, 404 if no dot)
JKK, love all that you do, just engineer though I am I still like the 901 over the 900 in terms of looks ;P , best of luck in all that you do and keep up the marvelous work.

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