Sunday, August 31, 2008

Toshiba's Dual touch screen mini MID consept looking goood!

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This consept is is for editing content on the SD cards, but it can do web browsing, email and videos too..

Dual 3.5 inch touch screens
116mm x 72mm x 20.4mm

WOW! this would be really goood MID!

Needs 4.8 inch screens and higher resolution but the design looks really good.. I might swap the second screen for keyboard thou..

Thanks Engadget

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Anonymous said...

looks like someone stacked two N800's on top of each other...

as for physical keyboard or not, i would say it depends on that second screen being accessible by third party apps. this so that one can put all kinds of control on it rather then the default keyboard.

Anonymous said...

Reading comic books on that thing would be godly..

Anonymous said...

All iPhone loving consumption zombies will love and buy it.

Anonymous said...

Nintendo DS MID Edition

Anonymous said...

I think this looks amazing.

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