Friday, August 29, 2008

Fujitsu Amilo Mini product page and full specs online

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Specs are pretty detailed...
Here is a pick about battery and noice levels:

Battery type1 Lithium-Ion battery
4 cells, 14.4 V / 2200 mAh (cell)
Battery runtime (idle mode)6 Up to 4:25 hours
Battery runtime (Internet surfing over WLAN) Up to 2:35 hours

Battery charging time (idle mode)7 Up to 1:30 hours
Battery charging time (maximum active mode)8 Up to 1:40 hours
Battery charging time (off mode)9 Up to 1:20 hours

Energy consumption
S0 (idle mode) ~ 12 W
S0 (max. active mode)10 ~ 19 W
S3 (stand by / energy saving mode) ~ 1.1 W
S4 (hibernate) ~ 0.9 W
S5 (off mode) ~ 0.5 W

Noise emission
Idle mode11 27.5 dBA / 0.46 Sone (silent mode off)
Maximum active mode12 30.5 dBA / 0.77 Sone (silent mode off)

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Anonymous said...

hmm, the price puts it up there with the 901 and the wind...

why oh why do they bolt on that much of a price hike from what seems to be only bluetooth added to the existing mix?

mtotho said...

Pros: Express Card slots. 60 or 80gb hdd

Con: Price.. and they dont take advantage of the atom processor with a 2200mah battery.. and they clearly are lying about battery life.

2200mah on a 901 would get 2 hours average.. which is idle.. even less if its surfing and what not.. i dont know how this device saves much more energy than the 901..

JKK said...

it's 2200mAh at 14.4 V = 31.6watts

where 901 has 6600mAh at 7.4V = 48.8watts

where 900A has 4400mAh at 7.4V = 32.5watts

mtotho said...

jkk... speaking of 900a.. can we expect to see something about it later today? Or still havent received it?

Anonymous said...

> 6600mAh at 7.4V = 48.8watts

Not to be picky, but the unit is Wh, as in you can run a 1W device for 48h on a 48Wh battery.

JKK said...

.. you are being picky ;)

Anonymous said...

what formulas are you guys using to figure battery life?

mine comes out different.

Anonymous said...

Ubuntu intrepid reports the EEE 901 has a 55Wh battery.
So if you say the EEE 901 gets 5,5 hour of battery life, The Amilo will get around 3 hours then.

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