Saturday, August 16, 2008

Traffic jam at Hong Kong

??? what are they doing!?

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Anonymous said...

idk, but not one of them has a device that is widely available in the rest of the world.. lucky

Anonymous said...

They were net surfing in the MTR (mass transit railway) using HSDPA via BT smartphone :)

Anonymous said...

They are posing for a "natural" photo :)

Pradster said...


I have been reading your blog for quite some time now and simply love it.

I am planning to buy either an EEE PC 1000 or Lenovo S10. I have a technical question about upgrading the SSD on the 1000. I want to know if i can replace the SSD with a faster SSD. I want to know my options.

I wanted to use a SATA II SSD instead of the PCI. The SATA SSD's have faster read/write than PCI ones. Is there an adapter to convert SATA to PCI or vice-versa?

I would really appreciate if you can post some kind of a tutorial on what are the upgrade options for the SSD on EEE PC 1000, 1000H, 901. I googled but could not find any website with this kind of information.

Please continue the good work.


tulcod said...

prad, get the HDD version and buy a normal 2.5" SSD. OCZ is about to release version two of its cheap models.

Anonymous said...

umpc mating !

Anonymous said...

They are:

1-Testing laptop´s or
2-Stealing laptop´s (looks like an convention) or
3-Comparing size... (laptop, HDD or whatever)

Anonymous said...

as I said, they are surfing net using HSDPA connection via BT smartphone.

not testing, stealing or comparing~~
because I took this photo ^_^

Unknown said...

Apparently the UMPC geeks at UMPCFever are calling themselves the Hong Kong Metal Boys XD

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