Friday, August 08, 2008

Kohjinsha SX3 unboxed

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Guys from DFJ has just unboxed newest Kohjinsha, but the best news is that it will be here in few days!

And it's available now at Direct From Japan

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Rajkumar said...

Looks good...

that makes it two in the field....

but the game gets interesting after the atom dual core release!!!

Anonymous said...

The worse unboxig ever :)

He took his time demonstrating the stupid cables and when it came to see the laptop it took just few seconds!!

Anonymous said...

true. this video shows a little bit more:

Anonymous said...

another little review:

Anonymous said...

and another little review:

Anonymous said...

I think you meant this full vidoe review of the Kohjinsha SX3

Anonymous said...

Well I ordered a Kohjinsha SX3KP06MA UMPC tablet from
My Bank sent them the money on the 18th and they are still claiming not to have recieved the cash.
I got my bank to contact the bank in Japan who confirmed that they have recieved the money on the 19th.
However between the 20th and now I have recieved at least 5 emails from them claiming not to have recieved the money yet.
My advice is stay away from these scumbags.
Most of the people who post claiming to recieve stuff from them are in fact the same guy, goes by the name archer loic.

Anonymous said...

EDIT**-They now acknowledge reciept of funds and say they will ship my tablet ASAP.
Apparently the bank transfer didnt have my details attached.
To be fair they have been fast with responding to my emails and have done so regularly so I will give them the benifit of the doubt and time will tell.
I have updated the post on my forum to reflect the new cooperation I have recieved from them.

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