Thursday, August 21, 2008

Video preview of BenQ S6 MID from IDF

Click to see the video

"lovely UI"

I like the UI too! Only wish it had a keyboard like on M528.

Thanks Steve

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Valto said...

UI looks really nice. The soft keyboard did not seem to work that well. It's really nice to see the actual usage more on these MID'd and see how those have developed since cebit. I bet many would like to see this OS/UI in M528 HW design.

As Netbooks have show in UMPC space, if it's marketed as "computer" it's going to be hard time selling without physical keyboard, I consider MID'd to be computers.

But if it's marketed as Phone (iPhone), there seems to be possibility to get a way without actual keyboard (just based on sales numbers).

These are both just legacy issues. Phones newer really had QWERTY and PC's always had (in mainstream sales)...

I wonder how quickly all the "buggines" will be ironed out in MID segment, so that all just flows. No device in MID's is perfect (yet), I wonder when that will happen.

on UMPC space JKK's eeePC is darn close when it comes to UMPC/Netbook segment ;)

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