Friday, February 13, 2009

Hacking 3G on Sony Vaio P

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.. So get the one with modem allready in.

Sw hack in short:

Prepare VZAccess Manager:
- Turn ON the WWAN radio using the SmartWi software
- Run VZAccess Manager at least once (no need to activate with Verizon)
- Quit VZAccess Manager
- Edit the registry and delete the key "\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Smith Micro"
- Navigate to "C:\Program Files\Verizon Wireless\VZAccess Manager Sony"
- Rename the "System" folder (I renamed it "~System")
- Rename the "config.ini" file (I renamed it "~config.ini")
- Rename all "mdm*.inf" files (I renamed them "~mdm*.inf")

Prepare the firmware image:
- Turn OFF the WWAN radio using the SmartWi software
- Navigate to "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\QUALCOMM\QDLService"
- Edit the file "Options.txt" to contain:


- Save the file "Options.txt"
- Right-click on the file "Options.txt"
- Select Properties (menu item), then Security (tab)
- Select "Everyone"
- UNCHECK the "write" checkbox under "allow" and click [OK]

Load the firmware image:
- Go into Windows services and restart the "Qualcomm Gobi Download Service"
- Turn on the WWAN radio using the SmartWi software
- Run VZAccess Manager
- Follow the wizard
- You should eventually be prompted to insert a Verizon/Vodafone SIM

Congratulations, you have just fooled VZAccess Manager into loading a firmware image supplied by Qualcomm to switch the WWAN radio from EVDO-only to unlocked HSDPA/EDGE!

Jump to tnkgrl Mobile for full instructions

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Anonymous said...

Very cool!

Anonymous said...

Touch screen?????

Saperalot said...

no touchscreen look at the thin display, but would be great to have one in this device, would be the crown on that device ;-)

Unknown said...

you seem to have hacked and added 3g to almost every netbook except the nc10, despite a number of people requesting you do this but you have just ignored them, is this because its to difficult for you and you cant do it? and your not man enough to admit it?

Anonymous said...

Wow Y, your such a keyboard hero, why dont you ask JKK for your moneyback, wait a minute......
He gives advice for free, idiot

Anonymous said...

Hello Mister JKK

Thank you for this video.

Now I am waiting you newt Video : How to open the Vaio P to replace the harddrive.


Anonymous said...

Hey Y, you must have sent your gift NC10 to a wrong address and thus he never received it. Too bad.

JKK mods devices he happens to have, is interested in getting for himself or for testing. Your internet rage is misplaced.

Joao Oliveira said...

What kind of attitude is that?
Jkk never did a 3g mod on the nc10 because he never had a chance to test it. Want to buy him one be my guess.
3g mod on the nc10 is actually pretty simple. Open your device, solder the mini-pci slot and if you don't have a modem with sim slot included solder the the SIM slot also. Are YOU MAN ENOUGH to do it??



Anonymous said...

Is the hard drive on the vaio p 1.8" zif or what? Please advise as I have my vaio p z540 japanese version on the way but I opted for the stock 60GB w/aspirations of upgrading the thing to a faster (runcore ?) SSD. I want to get it ordered asap.

If you could elaborate on speed/perf gains, that'd also be swell.

Anonymous said...

Will you be adding a video or providing any tutorial on how to mod the new ASUS 1000HE with a 3G modem?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Jkk ...
i'm from United Arab Emirates ( in middle east ), if i orded the one from conics with the 3G modem is it Gona work with my country telecommunications provider ( Etisalat ) or should i hack it like (tnkgrl) method , or Buying the US or Europe Edition .
i need ur Advice
ThnX ,,,


Anonymous said...


How to hack the Japanese vaio wwan software?

Anonymous said...

No NeeD to Hack it or to Do any thinG Just Order it with The Option UnLocked Sim from!!!

Rezaul Kabir said...


Fujitsu 6520 has two version, one with 3G and other one without 3G. I have the one without the 3G. However, when I found that a Empty Mini PCI-e Slot inside the Laptop and there is also a SIM slot accessiable from Battery opening. I know the empty Mini PCI-e slot is actaully used to host a Sierra HSDPA Card in the model that supports 3G since my friend has one of that.

So, I opened my HP Mini 1012 and removed the QualComm HSDPA Card and inserted this in my Fujitsu 6520. But interestingly, nothing happens. Windows Vista cannot find any new installed hardware. Any advice ???

sneexe said...

Hi JKK- am keen to try the hack (have a P version without anything) ... could you advise me how do I get hold of the modem board?

Anonymous said...

I found very useful the SW hack and it works with my Vaio TT-250N with GOBI module. The problem is that I am not sure if there is a SIM slot in the 3G module. Soldering is not an option in my case (I cannot do it)
Here are some more details:

Thank you in advance

Anonymous said...

Will this VGN-P530H modification still let the EVDO working ?
If yes, will it still lock to Verizon ? Thanks

Unknown said...

I have sucessfully solder a 4mm min pcie and simcard slot to my P35 (HK version without internal 3g module). What other leads or resistors I need to solder in order for the 3g module to work? many thanks in advance.

Unknown said...


couldnt locate file ''vzamconfig.xml''

any idea ?

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