Thursday, February 26, 2009

HP Mini " modded " by girls.

We guys were just thinking how sucky the cam is..

UPDATED with my video ( the original is gone ?? )

Click to see the video

Via GottaBeMobile

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Original post at Gear Diary

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zionlion said...

Perhaps your heading should read, HP Modded?

David said...

Video has been removed by user ...

Anonymous said...

"Just use the Force, it should be OK" ;)
Your comments are genius, like always
But how could hp forget to put the film away?

Anonymous said...

Didnt get it!

What does the "Girls" have to do with this ?

Anonymous said...

the original video was taken down from tube..

.. those girls did it on the video but as it's not avalable anymore i did it my self..

didn't you read the UPDATED with my video?


Anonymous said...

i prefer my webcam girls topless

Anonymous said...

Didnt notice the original video!


Saperalot said...

Good Video, with new Cam? I think so.

I dont understand why to forget thos little film, may a small company, but HP? I have HP devices here and i have never seen such things happen. ts ts ts ;-)

Anonymous said...

No one would expect, HP, a world leader in computing engineering, to make a mistake that affects webcam function in a way as stupid as leaving a 50% light blocking film in front of a webcam. And yet, "girls" have no expectations about HP prowess, and explored a practical route to solving a straightforward engineering problem that did not involve "updating the webcam driver" or "swapping the proprietary cam out with a soldering iron" or whatnot.

Girls have trumped guys on this one, and have deservedly totally damaged the reputation of HP.

The one thing I would have added to the method of the second video by mod-master jkk is a pair of tweezers, that makes removal of the film much easier.

JKK said...


.. I don't ha tweezers here ;)

Anonymous said...

Is that the UV filter?
Not good for certain types of clothing.
Leads to see through clothing.
: )

Mauricio Trejo said...

Another TIP: If you didnt find the film over the camera, look in the screen protector, there it it was (i am using a hp mini 1137nr


Mauricio Trejo

Anonymous said...

That little piece of plastic is the infrared filter. Almost every Webcam has this installed.

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