Wednesday, February 11, 2009

SSD Test: RunCore Mini PCI-e SATA SSD for Asus Eee PCs

Click to see the video and benchmarks

Get yours from MDD

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JLM said...

So resume:
- BIOS update to SATA
- Clonning... better start from zero with XP

Yeah... Netbooks are "NOT" for multitask... The best device for (Real) Mobile (Real) Work.

netguy said...

Can you explain the discrepancy
in 4K write speed:
crystal 1.8MB/s
iometer 1.7MB/s
atto 24.2MB/s
When you run atto, what are your
settings for Direct I/O,
I/O comparison, Overlapped I/O
or Neither.

JKK said...

Atto was on default settings: Overlapped I/O

Anonymous said...

Hi JKK, I have just visited mdd to get myself a runcore, but no I'm little bit confused. They say, that the sata version is for 900, 900A and s101. The pata is for 900A, 901 and 1000. I've got a 901 go. which one is the right now?

Anonymous said...

What about us Mini 9 users?

Anonymous said...


any of the Runcore SSDs compatible with the Fujitsu P1610?

JOSH the MIRROR guy! said...

Mini 9? Why in the world would you get a Dell? Getting a Dell is like buying a Ford. It's just not right! They both are horrible and break all the time.

Tom said...

So, will it work on 901 with updated bios?

Anonymous said...

hi jkk,
how can i clone xp on this ssd?

Anonymous said...

Hi jkk.
i'm about to buy a 32gb ssd for my eee900.
Do you think it's a good idea or it's better to spend the double money for a 64Gb one? 32Gb is enough for me, i'm only worried about the write speed

Runcore said...

Tom Yes with 1808, Anon You cannot clone your current drive unless you have the 901 Go or S101 other than that you need to do a reinstall of the OS, Anon 32GB will be in stock at MDD next week. The Write speed is around 55MB/sec. The 64GB or 128GB is defiantly the best choice.

Jimmy said...

Will it work on the 1000? Or is the 1000 just limited to the PATA version?

Anonymous said...

@ Runcore: yes, it's the best choice but the most expensive one and the one you get more profit from. i'm interested about the value/price factor considering the fact that i'm going to use it in a 250$ eeepc

Anonymous said...

Can work in EEEPC 1000 a RunCore 128GB Pro SATA 70mm Mini PCI-e PCIe SSD for ASUS EEE PC 900 900A and S101?

Runcore said...

We do not know if it will work with the 1000 as we have not tested it and have not seen anyone yet test it.

About the $250 computer comment. You put the Runcore drive in it and honestly tell me you would not cut your pinky tow off for it.

It is faster than a power Desktop PC.


Runcore said...

Great news everyone including beginners.

The USB cloning feature can be used.

One of our employees Chris just tried a clone and as stated it did not work but then he took out the CD that came with the machine and did a repair and bam he booted into windows immediately. This is great for people who already have files, programs, setting and tweaks in place. It will save hours for you guys. Yeah Chris


Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong, i just think that the 32gb runcore suits more to my needs cause i think 100$ for a runcore is ok for a 250$ eeepc.Otherwise if i had more money to spend i would buy directly the S101 eeepc ;)

Anonymous said...

@ Runcore: "You cannot clone your current drive unless you have the 901 Go or S101" Huh! Only now did I take a good look at my 901 Go's device manager and noticed that it indeed lists a SATA controller - and this is with the default SSD. Interesting.

I may have to get one of these babies for my machine even though it's quite usable even now (with a touchscreen). Thanks JKK!

Runcore said...

Update on my last post I was just informed he used a real copy of Windows to do the repair not the one that was included with the machine.

Anonymous said...

As for Windows 7 on 901 with BIOS 1808. Will I still experience the blank screen problems? Any fix for that yet?

Anonymous said...

@ Runcore When are we looking at SSD's far other computers besides the ones listed? I would like to upgrade my Samsung Q1 ultra to 128 GB, but it uses 21F. I'm not sure, but when I updated the Ram, there is an extra PCI slot in there. Any future for other computers?

Anonymous said...

why is the 32gb drive slower than than the 64gb in writing? 55 v 90 is a big difference.

Ancient1 said...

Will it fit Gigabyte M912M ? (2.5" SATA2 )

Lunkwill said...

I am so tempted into replacing my 60GB ZIF drive with a 64GB SSD from Runcore. However, is there any vendor inside the EU available to order from?

Anonymous said...

Eee PCs are smokin!

Anonymous said...

Do any of these RunCore SSDs work on EEE 701 4G? Mine came with the connector soldered already.

Do any of these RunCore SSDs work on standard laptop Mini PCI-e's?

Anonymous said...

"why is the 32gb drive slower than than the 64gb in writing? 55 v 90 is a big difference."

because the 64 GB version has the double amount of memorychips. So more chips, faster "writing" , but its more expensive ;)

Anonymous said...

Can I put a 32 or 64gb into my hp mini 1000?

Anonymous said...

hi jjk
for placing the runcore in MDD ,
now all is in back order and unknow status.
even runcore is a good product ,
but leading time is unknow ?

Anonymous said...

newegg has some SATA SSDs from Super Talent that are fast. Not as fast as the Runcores, but cheaper, and still much faster than the ones that come with the 901. I got mine today and it's running great in my 901.

Anonymous said...

I just updated my eee pc 900 (16GB XP celeron based) with the runcore 16GB SATA ssd and I WAS able to clone it from my original ssd using Acronis cloning feature - it just worked - I was prepared to run an XP repair or install from scrath but didn't have to. I'm not complaining but what's up with that?

Anonymous said...

Now has the SATA drives available too.

Steve said...

I purchased a 16 ssd from runcore ($69.00). Waited a week or two because of backorder. But arrives soon enough.

On my 900 used the asus restore disk and was up and running in no time at all.

My EEEpc is now running amazing . What a difference. Recommend highly.


Tysss said...

If I used recovery dvd to install xp, would it be installed on this drive or the 4gb one, that is integrated?

which one would be the master drive, and does it affect to what drive does the recovery install xp?

Anders said...

ESD anyone ?

Anonymous said...

Can work in EEEPC 1000 a RunCore 128GB Pro SATA 70mm Mini PCI-e PCIe SSD for ASUS EEE PC 900 900A and S101? Dont work with oficial bios 0803, but yes with unoficial bios 0907 from Yes, my EeePC 1000 is working with RCP-I-S7028-C at Read/Write Speed: 125/95, with 128gb in c: and 8gb in D:; i have instaled win xp.
I hope this help you

Anonymous said...

Hi. I have installed the new 32gb Runcore Sata ssd after an upgrade of BIOS to 0906 for my eee pc 900 Celeron with just one singel (slow) 16gb Phison ssd, and boy, what a difference that new Runcore is. The 900 pc came with Linux but it now works like a dream with XP-sp3, 2gb ram (cancelled virtual memory) and cancelled system recovery. It is now my fastest computer of all, desktop included. Tested it in a trip to Thailand and it worked so fine without any problem via the hotels Wifihotspot.
First I was sade to have this slow Linux version of eee pc 900 with just one single ssd but now I am so pleased that the Runcore made this marvelles new, fast, ssd.

giampi said...

I need to known from Runcore if the 128gb sata if for the 901go or not and if the frezeers problems with xp is resolved or not without setting the Hibryd power of battery at high performance

Anonymous said...

The Hp Mini 1000 has a PCIe slot. Have you tried putting this in the Hp Mini 1000? I'm looking to get this for the HP since the Runcore's are out of stock.

Axel said...

can a RCP-I-S7032-C run on a 901 ? a post here says it can't:

why would cloning the drive on a 901 not work, as mentioned above? Shouldn't install TrueImage, connect the runcore with USB and clone the 4GB C-drive to usb disk work, and finally install the runcore and deactivate the 4 GB in the Bios.

monchote said...

Has anybody tested this SATA ones on eeepc 1000 with the latest bios 913??

monchote said...

Well, I can now confirm that these SATA SSD drives DO WORK on eeepc 1000 with the latest BIOS version 913.
The first part of the XP installation was a bit slow (the DOS-like part). I suppose it was due to the lack of SATA drivers at that point. After the first installation reboot, the rest of the install was incredibly fast. So happy!

Anonymous said...

Installed Windows 7 RC1 on Runcore 32GB for an Eee PC 900 and it runs like a charm. I compared the disk rating on Windows 7 with the disk rating on a brand new 7200rpm traditional SATA hard drive on my Acer laptop and they are both rated at 5.6 by vista/win7.

Hulu videos run at 70% cpu at standard def and you can do other browsing without skipping. Can't handle high def video, cpu isn't fast enough. Youtube videos consume 100% cpu.

The Eee pc 900 gets a very low 1.0 rating for gaming graphics.

Nice thing about Windows 7 is that it consumes just 400mb ram and runs and looks like vista on steroids. Win7 on an Eeepc is the way to go as long as you have the Runcore SSD of course.

Giampi said...

I have a 702 asus; I tried to install a sata 64gb but my BIOS, the last version, doesn't see it, how can I do?

Anonymous said...

Hey JKK the 16gb slc, what brand is it? And how did it compare with a 70mm runcore ssd?

AWester said...

Hello JKK,

did you install xp with all the oter software on the runcore 70mm sata ssd
did you instal xp on the 50mm ssd and installed all of the programs on the 70mm runcore sata ssd?

thanks in advance


JKK said...

my eee is 900A which has only the 70mm ssd.. so all is on that

AWester said...

Hello Jkk,

thanks for your reply.

i want to buy the runcore pro IV sata 16gb
did you tested it already? (coudn't find it)

it is faster then the 16gb runcore pro sata, if i'm right..

i have the 901 so what sould you advice: a 50mm or 70mm (i don't care about the warrenty)

thanks in advance.


robert said...

Hi Jkk,

I'm from Romania and I have a Dell 9 mini. I found this SSD from Silicon Power
but I'm not sure its' working with Dell. Do you know if it's compatible ?
My Dell has inside a card from Stec.

JKK said...

Robert, i wont work on mini 9.. it is fro asus, it's too long

Jay Bazuzi said...

On JKK's recommendation, I bought a 32GB SATA drive from MDD for my EEE 900A. I love it when it works, but it keeps failing.

First one died after a couple days. MDD cross-shipped me a new one.

Second one died after a week. MDD RMA was easy again.

Third one died after a month. Cross-ship is underway.

Anyone else having trouble with these devices dying?

JKK said...

Sorry to hear thet Jay, I had no problems on my 900A..

edwin said...

hello Jkk
i want to ask is that compatible with asus eee900???
and i still not understand why u said its not for bigginer??? thanks before JKK

Gordon said...

EEE PC 901G (XP)

I have replaced my PATA 8Gb SSD with a Runcore Pro IV PCIe 70mm SSD. At first the system wouldn’t boot up but after some tinkering it did succeed so I loaded Windows 7 (previously XP) and it works faster as expected.

However, I forgot to use my PC Mover software to first image the original system which I think is located on the Master 4Gb SSD. As a result I now have two issues at least, namely:-

1. I don’t have an image of the original setup to copy to the new setup.
2. The system still shows that I have just a few Mb left on the original 4Gb SSD whereas I intended somehow to force the computer to treat the new 64Gb SSD as the location for all programmes and data partition it appropriately for both purposes thus making the 4Gb sector redundant.

How can I, as an enthusiastic tinkerer, with no real IT skills, improve matters.

I would happily hand this problem to an IT professional to resolve but local firms seem unlikely to be able to help.

Thanks for any advice you can give

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