Thursday, September 03, 2009

Hands-on with Sharp PC-Z1 Netwalker

Click to see more the video

I should get it soon for testing from It will be shipping at 25th September at $567

Thanks Charbax!

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9 comments: said...

ouch, i a bit more expensive then i had hoped...

Anonymous said...

The red price is 250$ IMHO.

JLM said...

Toooooooooooo expensive!!!!!

Anonymous said...

With a superwide 6 or 7 inch Display would it be great. The Price is not right, way too much. Like Kola said 250 may 300 but thats all.

Anonymous said...

- Screen too small
+ Nice looking keyboard and mouse control
- MBook looks smaller / better

You are a terrible video operator. Sorry. Too much moving around which makes the video annoying to watch

Anonymous said...

Screen should be bigger. Look at the wasted space in the huge bezel.

Johannes - said...

Its really to expensive ;( It was nice to play with it, but it was kinda slow.

ProDigit said...

Screen too small, keyboard looks like an EeePc first gen. one in quality, ARM processor is much slower than the Atom processor.
6 hours batterylife is where you'd get 5,5 hours on an EeePc 901.
I don't know the screen resolution, but it's a device that should not cost more than $300.

NC10 said...

Pardon my ignorance, but can this thingy run Windows ?
Linux is useless to me, let alone Japanese language version :D

Where the heck is the WEB CAM !?

If it would cost as much as EeePC 701 i would buy one right now!

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