Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sharp NetWalker PC-Z1 unboxing and hands-on

Click to see the video

Some more first impressions:

- I'm not liking the keyboard at all.. key caps bend to all directions.

- touch screen got better by cleaning it fully ( there was traces of screen cover glue )

- after i calibrated the screen it is accurate and easy to use ( u need to turn it off and on to save the calibrations )

- I adjusted the font sizes bigger for easier use

- mouse is ok

- surfing with it is sometimes ok, sometimes too slow

- battery life seems good.. no real numbers yet but it could be about 7 hours on full use

I will test it more and will try to get flash and youtube working ( there should be a patch for that )

... soon we will have nice "Atom vs ARM" on UMPC battle..

Thanks again Conics for sending me it!

Get yours from
[ click video tab to see how to set it to English ]

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Anonymous said...

Very slow. ARM just can't cut it outside of smartphones.
How is the WiFi reception? It appeared to only have one signal bar.

JKK said...

Wifi is fine said...

i cant help wonder if the slowness comes from slow internal storage or something similar...

Anonymous said...

Thats crap!

Its tooooooo slow...

NC10 said...

$500 for this !? LOL :D In their dreams !

Anonymous said...

just a suggestion. having never seen a netwalker before, i have no idea what it is. would be nice if you explained what hardware its running on and the software. thx

Toni Borgetto said...

You can see all the detailed specs on - there's a link to the product page at the end of the above article.

Anonymous said...

Hi man, the rest of the charger is on the top the paper box! You throw it in the recycle!

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