Thursday, October 01, 2009

Flash now working on Sharp NetWalker

Click to see the video

Yep, Sharp just gave us the flash update and it works... Not super, but still ok.

It is flash 9.0 ( Shockwave Flash 9.0 r115 plugin ) so flash 10 content is no go..

Update is under registered users section at and it's all Japanese so i uploaded to my site for easier installation. Just extract and run the installer.

[ Download ]

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Anonymous said...

Jkk - I think I knew why they have the speed problem. As to save money on the HP 2133 with Linux the CPU was less powerful and RAM was limited..however, HP used too slow of an SSD in the product (to save money) and a SLOW SSD that was too small, then resulted in wait state hangups and crashes. This was fixed with Crunchbang Linux or LXDE Linux distro built on Ubuntu (as this is not as heavy as regular Ubuntu and it boots in less than 100 MB or RAM with OpenBox).

However, ONLY when with RunCore SSD did it run correctly with a heavier OS and FireFox. Maybe if you can replace the SSD inside and use RunCore then boot speeds and other speed issues with the device will go away.

One sign that the SSD that Sharp is using is the slow boot and slow opening. As with RunCore this is not the case on systems that before were too slow. Sharp has tried to save money with the device by using a cheap and very slow SSD technology it appears?

To speed up the system as it is NOW, then try to use Crunchbang with OpenBox that is very very fast on low power systems (or use LXDE Linux Distro, as LXDE is OpenBox with a GUI).

Also in the future a quick distro will be the Kubuntu Netbook OS that is quick and uses full screen with an alt-tab key combination, that when used spins the different open applications around on a spinning screen that is VERY GOOD TO USE as you never have to leave FULL SCREEN to get to the menu or apps that you have already opened. I have been playing with the Kubuntu Karmic 9.10 alpha6 and expect to play with the Oct 1st beta today (full release is planned for End of Oct and then a more polished Xubuntu Netbook release might again happen in Feburary).

Anonymous said...

Let the video finish downloading and then go to tmp folder in the root directory and open the flash video with a media player like vlc and see if it still stutter.

JKK said...

You might have mistaken to this to another device...

It has ARM Freescale i.MX515 cpu.. not x86

.. so it can only run stuff that is ported to ARM. ( like this "Ubuntu for ARM" OS

Also, it doesnt' have similar interfaces as PCs ( it is not a PC ) so you cant swap the SSD to runcore or other ones made for PCs

Anonymous said...

Sorry - but above about the Kubuntu 9.10 jnetbook version, I don't know if it is ready for ARM yet (only Intel maybe). It was on a web site somewhere that the KDE team is working on this netbook release too (so maybe we will see it ported to ARM). It is the best on small screens with the alt-tab key combination and always using Full screen. Time will tell how good it becomes as it is the first time that Kubuntu will be out with a Netbook version of the new KDE 4.x revision of KDE?

Patrick said...

Flash 10 is still not ported for ARM devices, i hear no news about development for ARM but they should publish it by the end of the year. Let's hope it will work fine on current Cortex devices.

Anonymous said...

First time I've seen full flash run on an ARM device. I've been using flash on the N800 for a while now so I'm use to the slowness. I wish the NetWalker was a little more affordable. said...

sadly flash in linux is hit or miss on x86 as well...

Anonymous said...

Fluxbox and open box do run on arm, and are in the Ubuntu's arm repositories. JKK, I'm wondering if sharp has custom apt repositories that might not contain the complete ubuntu arm ports. Could you post the apt sources?

manny said...

hmm thanks for the vid am really looking into getting a smartbook by the end of the year, they're simply amazing

i'll either go ubuntu or android

but probably go ubuntu since might be a more complete experience right now and version 9.10 is looking great.

i wonder if you have tested html5 video in dailymotion (no flash requiered)

jamesfongster said...

hey there
not sure what i did wrong but i installed the flashlite for netwalker but my firefox still cant detect flash support and keeps complaining that additional plugins required to display do I confirm that I have installed correctly..the dialoig boxes are exactly as described as conics instructions.

Thanks James

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