Thursday, October 08, 2009

More and more tablets coming.. Windows 7 helping?

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Just with few minutes surfing I found tens of new tablets on Asian market places...

Here is few of them:

Cooorui Z4 convertible

- Screen options from 7 to 12 inches
- Intel Atom N270
- 2.5 inch HDD ( 80 to 320GB )
- Wifi and LAN
- 0.3Mpix webcam
- SD card slot
- Headphone/mic ports
- VGA out
- USB x 2
- 265mm * 185mm * 34mm 1.2kg

Cooorui 3G Tablet

- 10.2 inch 1024 x 600 touch screen
- Intel Atom N270
- 2.5 inch HDD ( 160 to 320GB )
- Wifi, LAN and 3G options
- 1.3Mpix webcam
- SD card slot
- Headphone/mic ports
- VGA out
- USB x 3
- 226.3mm * 166.9mm * 24.7mm 1.0kg

Ngai Lik NBX-8010H Tablet

- Display: 10.1-inch TFT (1,024 x 600)
- Processor: Intel Atom N270
- CPU speed: 1.6GHz
- Hard disk drive: 2.5-inch SATA, 160/250GB
- Wireles LAN: Wireless LAN 802.11b/g with mini card interface
- Camera: 1.3 Mega Pixels Camera
- USB: high-speed USB2.0 x 3
- Card reader: 3-in-1 MMC/SD/MS
- Battery: 3 cells (2,600mAh, 12.6V) polymer battery pack
- Battery life: 2.5 hours
- Weight: 1.4kg

Shenzhen BGX Technology BGX-PP9010-1-1

- CPU: VIA 1.6G
- Memory: 1G
- HDD: 160GB
- LCD: 8.9 inch touch screen
- Pixels: 1,024 x 600
- VGA: VGA out
- WiFi: 802.11b/g
- Camera: 1.3 Mega Pixel
- Input device: USB Keyboard and USB mouse
- USB port: 4 high speed 2.0
- Card slot: SD/MMC card reader
- Audio: stereo audio output, microphone input
- Speaker: built-in stereo speaker
- Mic: built-in microphone
- Time: 2.5 hours
- Compliance for Windows Xp/Vista and Linux
- Features:
- Touch screen
- Bluetooth function
- Support SD/MMC card
- Network camera
- Wireless network

Shenzhen BGX Technology BGX-LP1020

- CPU: N270 1.6G
- 10.2 inch touch screen 1,024 x 600
- Memory: 1G DDR2 SODIMM(Can be update to 2G)
- HDD: 160G SATA HDD (can be updated to 320G or more)
- ODD: Support USB ODD Device
- Wireless LAN One Mini PCI interface ,2 Antennas, Support 802.11 B/G/A
- Audio: HD Audio, Built-In 1 speaker
- Camera:130M Pixels Camera
- LAN: 10/100M Ethernet Controller
- Card reader: SD/MMC/MS/MS PRO
- Keyboard 86 key with 19mm key pitch and 2.5mm key stroke Multi-national language support
- Touch Pad Integrated Touchpad, Left key, Right Key
- Dimension: 250(L) x 185(W) x (26 to 32mm)(H)
- Weight: About 1.2kg (including 3 cell Li-Ion battery pack)
- Battery: 3cell, 2,200mAh
- Battery life: ≥ 2Hour
- Color: Yellow, white, pink, red are available

It looks like there will be tons of tablets and convertibles, some will get to EU and USA, some will stay in Asia..

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Josef said...

Why not, i like such devices. Hope to see a lot of them in the EU. With Win7 must be fun.

But the specs are nothing new. I would give Gooouri a try :)

Anonymous said...

Archos 9 (slate) is 800gm and 9" screen, Eee T91 - 1 kg / 9", Viliv S10 - 1,2 kg / 10"
don't see better offers here (first offer is unclear - 7-12" / 1.2kg)
but maybe the will be cheaper

Sorry for the offtopic, JKK, but will try to put 3G module into Archos internet tablet (maybe into 20mm thick HDD version)?

Anonymous said...

and NOBODY need tablets.... thats so unreal that all make tablets now...

Anonymous said...

gotta fit in my pocket, else its useless to me. anything bigger and i will just put my 13inch vaio in my backpack.

waiting eagerly for the EviGroup Wallet.

Anonymous said...

Wow. The cooorui tablet looks pretty sexy. Put an intel version of Maemo on it, and that'd be an amazing product!

Anonymous said...

What _I_ really need is a device for note taking, that is lightweight and capable of annotating pdfs and surfing the web (prefereably via WLAN, supporting umts sticks in case i may at some point actually need it mobile). And when I say annotating, I mean annotating and not those workarounds with overlays used by most GPL programs :-(

The thing just is... My main work would be about A4-formatted scripts for university and they are a real pain to read on a 10" screen, at least at 1024x600 (this leaves to few pixels for a 10-12pt font on A4-Paper)

Though such a device would be usefull for power point based scripts, where the lecturer didn't go through the trouble of properly handling animations/overblending effects so they are sensibly printable...

The other point is, as i just noticed again... When I'm learning for an exam, I'll regularily stumble upon basics, i can't exactly remember, but while wandering around or sitting on the sofa, I'll rather skip looking it up than fetching my notebook...

Then again, beyond 1kg such a device would be a pain, when walking while learning and below 4h battery run time it would be completely useless at university -- and if its 4 hours i'd feel the need for a spare battery and an external charging station.

Not to mention I'd like it to be fanless.

This is why i hope for the smartbook cathegory (``always on'' concept, propably a 3qi screen, low power consumtion, thus little waste heat).

> and NOBODY need tablets....
> thats so unreal that all
> make tablets now...

Sure, but there were times, people said that about computers on the whole. Looking at my personal mountains of university notes, i keep for reference, I yearn for a long-battery-life-big-screen-tablet.

Anonymous said...

My eee 900ha is crazy hot, I am using it more like a nettop than a netbook. Don't get me wrong I use it more than my Desktop but it just wouldn't cut it in all mobile usage. I am eying a ARM cortex a9 MID.

Anonymous said...

Multitouch or gtfo.

jucarii said...

i heard Windows 7 has some graphic cards issues, and if you combine it with this Asian :) crap... uhh. A year ago a friend of mine had an asian tablet, it was...awful, the screen was messy.

Kyoto_Art_Life said...

Asians like these touchscreen tablets because the handwriting recognition capability allows them to enter non-Roman alphabet characters more easily than phonetic IME software. Also, they arrange data in diagrams/flowcharts that don't conform to tables and outline formats. It's all about pattern recognition. Asians use a greater variety of patterns than Westerners do.

Anonymous said...

Jkk, This is an offtop question but are you planning to review any android devices in near future? It would be interesting to hear your opinion about them. As always, loving your videos!!! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Big deal!! But it should fit into my budget. Windows 7 is surely an added flavor.

Unknown said...

still waiting for ...
7" + ssd + multitouch + slick style (ie: x70'ish) + no fans + light as hell 1.5lbs/650g max

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