Friday, October 23, 2009

Meet:Mobility Podcast 34

Welcome to listen Meet Mobility Podcast.
Join me, Steve and Sascha talking about mobile computing.

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Podcast 34 Topics in detail:

Software. Moblin. Developer Program.
No devices
Moorestown launch 1h device 2 half 2010.
- n900
- battery life
- convergence.
Tablets. MIDs. Phones. PC Tablet.
Archos Android
HD2 ( 4.3 WM ) / Droid ( 3.7 Android 550MHz cdma )/ Dell ( 5.0 android 2.0 )other big phones! ( where are the keyboards?
DELL Streak.
Motorola Droid
Archos 9 Tablet.

Why Tablets now? Apple hype? Usage scenarios? Ereaders. Kindle for PC.
What happened to Crunchpad?
Windows 7
- netbooks at ms site ,
- What does Windows 7 bring?
- New marketing.

Meetmobility is an occasional podcast from UMPCPortal, and
If you'd like to sponsor the podcast and help us make a more regular event, please contact us.

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Brett said...

NC10 battery died in 20mins?
time to get an eee PC :P

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you aren't dead or anything.
Is there really nothing to post about, JKK?

Anonymous said...

JKK What's up... Everyday when i wake up the first thing that i do is take a shit. After that i drink my coffee and than i take my netbook and look at your site for any news. But i didn't see new posts sinds 3 weeks.... I hope you will come back soon...

Anonymous said...

JKKs son was in hospital, there are other priorities in life.

hansomatico said...

Good luck to your son, jkk. Hope, he gets well soon. Greetings...

Chris said...

Think everybody understands...
Also hope he get well soon..
best wishes Chris

Anonymous said...

oh is he married???

Anonymous said...

I'd hope so ;)

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