Thursday, September 03, 2009

Nokia N900 first impression

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ORKA said...

Good review, have you considered Iphone as an alternative to HTC and Nokia for your needs? said...

i have to ask, is the flagship store located in a red light district? ;)

Anonymous said...

You should quit your job today!

This is a long boring review that doesn't show almost anything

Next time learn at least to use the browser befor making a review!

Anonymous said...

keep up the great work. The video was great as a real hands-on

RAQ said...

I have looked absolutley every where and all of the websites say that its can playback SIVX videos. How ever it does not state what the highest resolution the video file can be. Could you please find this out, it will be much appreciated

RAQ said...

Sorry, I was thinking faster than I was typing. DIVX not SIVX

Anonymous said...

this phone does have skype dumbasssss u should really quit ur job.

Anonymous said...

The phone can record at DVD quality resolutions so I guess DivX playback would be high too

Since the O/S is Debian Maemo 5 I guess Opera Mini could run on it although the processor is Arm 2 Cortex so I am not sure

3 major things Nokia really need to do in order to make this a must must have for me:

1) Tilt screen instead of the kick stand
2) Numeric keys
3) Cheaper price. £500 is insane!

-Jim said...

i wonder how long it will take to get tear ported...

i just hope nokia have made it easier to integrate third party browsers this time (so that links inside other programs can open in the third party browser rather then the maemo default).

Anonymous said...

I'm so in love with N800, and I'm GLAD I resisted buying N810. My only wish (well, except for the speed) was a phone function. Not that I can afford N900, but it's my dream come true. I'm not a heavy phone user, so I'd rather have the screen size though.........downsizing would be a bit hard for me. Internet browsing on N800/N810 is darn near perfect, and I quit messing with Windows Mobile ever since.

Anonymous said...

- " This video is still being processed. Video quality WILL improve once processing is complete. " -

Video quality is the least of your worries. It would be beneficial to all of us if you would take 5 min and familiarize yourself with the device before you start recording. It is a real disappointment that a bozo such as yourself gets to handle so many incredible devices before the rest of us.

Morganj (morganmobile) said...

Wow, what is with all the anonymous negative posters? Are people just spamming anything tagged n900?

Anyway you have to give credit to JKK for getting a hands on less than 24hrs after the official announcement.

Good work!

JKK said...

Sorry for bozoing..

.. there was no change of testing before shooting, I had to either film or not.

.. I feel it's always better to share. said...

there was a comment over on that the youtube playback was troublefree and what the tester described as a prototype with older software.

so it may well be that you still had your blog going in the background when testing the youtube video.

i guess we will see as more people get their hands on the device. btw, was youtube attempting to stream HD?

JKK said...

TOS, they said it was the same revision as on Nokia World

The videos I tested were quite high quality..
Good quality 16/9 videos need more performance than 4/3.. you can test on your umpc or netbook

I was not trying HD...

Sometimes they play nicely on HTC touch pro2 with Opera 9.7 and sometimes not... too mane variables really.

For me the quality was not enough to enjoy the videos but ok to see what was on them.

Anonymous said...

What are we looking at in terms of games and applications?

Since the onboard chipset is ARM Cortex are we limted to apps compiled for ARM?

Can this phone run the typical Java apps and games? I guess it should without problem

Anonymous said...

Do you think that the keyboard will be difficult to type on because of its size?

JKK said...

the kb has good feedback and it is ok sized compared to other cell phone keyboards..

the problem for me is the missing number row

Anonymous said...

mmm... no google maps?

ggerard said...

Yes, I was wondering the same question about google maps. How does the flash player handle google maps? In comparison to the iphone implementation, the n900 should allow personal maps here, as this should be the same web (not mobile) version. I would really need to know if flash works well or not. About the flash efficacy in youtube, I'm a bit dissapointed, videos on iphone are actually well rendered. I guess it will be improved in the future.

Another big topic that you haven't approached is the serious navigation through tabs. Are we able here to open several tabs at once, and read the first while the others are charging? Or for example, when buying in a shop, to open different items in separated tabs. Is this well implemented?

Personally I am deciding between the iphone and the n900. I was highly dissapointed with the resistive panel, but after your review I'm seeing that this is quite sensitive. You do not talk about the virtual keyboard, perhaps a minor issue since it has a physical one. However, the iphone does not need a physical one due to its fantastic virtual implementation. How does the n900 feel in comparison?

Having said that, thanks for the review because I've decided to buy the n900 (and I know what iphone is capable of thanks to my touch 2G). My only concern is if they are going to show a new maemo device without physical keyboard in a near future, since probably I would wait for it.

Anonymous said...


The lack of a number row is bad. So do they expect you to press a key and an onscreen numeric keypad will pop up?

Does it have a search function? i.e. search email, music, calender etc?


Anonymous said...

"Good review, have you considered Iphone as an alternative to HTC and Nokia for your needs?"

Why the HELL would anyone consider an INHERENTLY INFERIOR (bby almost ANY measure) system, I don't know...

Anonymous said...

Hi Jkk.

As I read in the previous comments, does it have a search function?

Can you create and edit office documents, compress and decompress any file?

Currently I have a Nokia E71 and I think it's perfect but the 2.5mm jack and the loudness of the reproducer that I think it lacks power, but in general I have no complaint with this device. the point is, in this maemo O.S. can you install for instance: garmin, opera mini, jouikispot, google maps, shazam, windows live messenger, a twitter deck and so on?

I have all this application running on my E71 perfectly and I was wondering whether N900 could perform it as well? I guess due to its open O.S there wouldn´t be any problem whith this but I need to confirm it before buying it. Thanks

jurisss said...

Need compear nokia n-900 vs HTC Touch pro 2!thanks!

Anonymous said...

hi jkk,

I want to ask about n900 battery power,
did n900 battery is quite good or what? if I compare n900 battery with htc magic and iPhone 3GS battery, which one is best?
I'd like to use wi-fi to browse so how long did n900 life time if I use wi-fi to browse until its turned off??

please reply my question as quick as possible coz I really want to buy this phone,
thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

hey ...

i want to ask .. which is better nokia n900 or htc magic ??

please could you replay as soon as possible
thank you

Anonymous said...

Hello JKK. Thanks for the review amazing response speed is very good. Great information. Not sure if you will visit this any time soon but the music in the background was excellent. Do you know the singer? singers? Once again I'll be investigating the phone further now.
Hoping you are well,
Take care.

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